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Automatically Customize Mac OS X with a Bash Script: 27 Defaults Write Commands, custom .aliases, .bash_profile, etc

Bash script to customize many aspects of Mac OS X

If you�re an advanced user and setting up a new Mac, you probably customize the OS with a ton of defaults write commands and .alias adjustments. These are things you can either enter manually, use an easy tool like LionTweaks, or check out this new great script from GitHub called .osx.

Note: this is obviously geared towards more advanced users who  [Read More…]

Automatically Insert Your App Store Password With PasswordPilot

A new jailbreak tweak was released today, It�s called PasswordPilot, This tweak automatically inserts your App store password in the password pop-up when installing apps from iOS App Store. passwordpilot 1 PasswordPilot is developed by Filipo Biga, a well known jailbreak developer.

PasswordPilot automatically inserts your AppStore app when downloading or updating apps from the  [Read More…]

Schedule Your Twitter Tweets For Posting Automatically Using Buffer App

Twitter�s meteoric rise to fame and once they get their business model together, fortune, has been a sight to behold. Since its inception a few short years ago, Twitter has grown to be one of the most powerful and most used social networks on the planet.


Granted, it still lags behind the behemoth that is Facebook but, frankly, so does everyone else. What makes Twitter so special is its short-form, to the point  [Read More…]

BiteSMS 5.3: In The Next Beta You Can Automatically Forward Messages

When developers BiteSMS they start work, they deliver news with an incredible speed. It ‘a few hours ago the tweet with which the development team announced that all his followers with the next version of the application you can automatically forward incoming messages.

Recall that biteSMS is an excellent program that in addition to adding many features to improve writing, composing and viewing text messages, also allows you to send messages at a lower cost  [Read More…]