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How to Disable Netflix Autoplay for Shows & Episodes

Netflix automatically plays the next show in a series thanks to a feature called autoplay, which, much as it sounds, automatically starts playing the next episode in a series when the prior show episode ends. If you’d like to disable Netflix autoplaying episodes, you can make a change in Netflix account settings to do so. … Read More

How to Disable Video Autoplay in Mac App Store

The Mac App Store defaults to auto-playing videos, but if you’re not a fan of autoplaying video let alone in the Mac App Store, you can disable that capability. When you turn off video autoplay in the Mac App Store, the videos accompanying apps will still exist, but they must be played manually. How to … Read More

How to Disable Auto-Play in Safari on Mac for All Video & Audio

Many web users are not too thrilled about auto-playing media, whether it’s autoplaying video or autoplaying sound, or even an autoplaying ad, it can be annoying and frustrating to encounter as you browse the web. But don’t sweat it too much, because modern versions of Safari for Mac allow users to easily disable all auto-playing … Read More

How to Turn Off YouTube Autoplay Videos

YouTube videos default to auto-play on load, as well as automatically loading an playing a new different video in the playlist after the first video has completed. Some users may like YouTube video autoplaying, but some users may not. If you want to turn off auto play on YouTube, or turn video auto play back … Read More

Instagram Removes Ability To Turn Off Video Autoplay Ahead Of Ad Push

Instagram recently received a minor update with bug fixes, and you may not have noticed that a small setting is no longer present in the iPhone app. You used to be able to disable autoplay for videos, but now the only video options are for sound and preloading over Wi-Fi-only. The change may not seem […]

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Play Your Videos Collection On YouTube Continuously On iPhone, iPad And TV Using AutoPlay App

AutoPlay is a new iOS app that lets user create playlists with YouTube videos, play them continuously and even output them to a large screen via AirPlay or plain old HDMI. Could this replace the default iOS YouTube client? AutoPlay AutoPlay’s user interface is ridiculously easy to use and also beautiful. Right after launching the app, YouTube’s default playlists for the most viewed and top rated videos will immediately appear, allowing users to play them  [Read More…]