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Remote Desktop Admin Update 3.5.1 Is Now Available

Today, Apple has seeded Remote Desktop Admin Update 3.5.1 through Software Update. remote desktop admin update Summary This article describes the Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.1 Admin Update. Products Affected Apple Remote Desktop 3.X System requirements The Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.1 Admin Update requires: OS X Lion, Lion Server, Mac OS X v10.6,  [Read More…]

iTunes 10.4.1 Is Now Available

Apple has just released iTunes 10.4.1 for Both Windows and Mac.The new updates fixes some bugs and adds full screen support in OS X Lion. iTunes-10.4.1 (1) iTunes 10.4.1 provides a number of improvements, including: Fixes a problem where the media keys on some third-party keyboards work inconsistently with iTunes Addresses issues with adding  [Read More…]

OS X Lion USB Stick Is Now Available For $69

Apple has just released the Mac OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive. This is released mainly for users who donít have a broadband connection. Apple Lion USB stick OS X Lion is available on a USB thumb drive for installation without the need for a broadband Internet connection. Just plug the drive  [Read More…]

Firefox 6 Final Available For Download Before The Official Release On August 16

Firefox 6 final has been posted allowing users to download it before the official release on August 16th. FirefoxLogo-main_Full There in not much improvements to the user interface. But according to Mozilla Firefox 6 is 20% faster, a plug-in check feature, improved HTML5 support and significantly reduced memory consumption. As for developers there is great  [Read More…]

MyPad For Facebook Is Now Available For iPhone

MyPad Facebook client for iPad was well received by users. Now MyPad has been released for iPhone. mypad Features: – 12 million iPad users already love MyPad! View multiple profiles as stackable, scrollable pages that are visually stunning and interactive. – Swipe-based navigation – Beautiful Photo Galleries – Gorgeous photo effects (with ability to change  [Read More…]

Now, MobileMe to iCloud Transition Is Available For Developers

Apple has just allowed MobileMe to iCloud Transition for developers through a new portal me.com/move. Now you can move your mail, Contacts and calendar to iCloud, And you can use iWeb, iDisk, and Photo Gallery up until June 30, 2012. me 01 Synchronization of the following will no longer be available : Mac Dashboard  [Read More…]

USB Lion Disks Now Available For Fulfillment Through AppleCare

Been holding out on buying Lion until you can get it on officially sanctioned physical media? According to†9to5Mac, Lion†USB†recover media is now available for fulfillmentÖ an itíll even be handed out free to those of us who arenít able to use Lionís built-in recovery tools to restore their hosed Macs. Thatís interesting, because to me, it implies that if you replace your hard drive and need to perform a clean  [Read More…]

Skype App For iPad 1, 2 Is Now Available

Yesterday, Skype has released their official iPad App on the App Store. The App was released on Monday but was quickly pulled for no known reasons. Check the Download link after the jump. skype-ipad App Description: Bring your Skype contacts closer with full screen video at your fingertips. Beautiful and simple, this is Skype built  [Read More…]

Official Skype For iPad Now Available

Thanks to a tip from Twitter (@iBattaglia), it has been found that the official Skype application is now available for the iPad. The iPad version has been long awaited by the public so this release is taken with positive reception. Over the last month or so, there have been tons of†teasers†and†rumors†indicating that the†release was coming soon. A leaked video was even found and confirmed to be a working version of Skype for the iPad. However,  [Read More…]

90 Second Song Previews Now Available in Some International iTunes Stores

Apple has bucked the 30 second preview length in favor of 90 second song previews in some international music stores. Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Canada and a few other European countries have now joined the United States in a brave new 90-second iTunes song preview world. When Apple made the switch to 90-second previews in the U.S. they caught considerable flack from record labels, as they simply sent out a letter to labels that  [Read More…]