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Microsoft copies Apple with Fifth Avenue flagship retail store

Microsoft has copied (or “been inspired by”) many, many Apple innovations over the years, and now it’s set to copy the location of its most famous Apple Store of all. That’s right: the Windows maker is set to open up…Read more ›

Apple begins preparations for new Madison Avenue store

Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue retail store might be turning eight today, but the company is looking to boost its New York presence with a new store on the city’s Upper East Side. City building permits, dated May 15, detail soil…Read more ›

Machine Crush Monday: Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store turns eight

It takes a lot to be both New York City’s most photographed landmark, and Apple’s most beautiful retail store. It’s rare that a shop can genuinely be said to take your breath away, but in the case of New York’s…Read more ›

5th Avenue Apple Store’s Glass Cube Shattered By Snowblower

The glass cube of Apple’s 5th Avenue Store in New York City might look iconic, but there’s one big problem with glass: It shatters. And in the latest wave of polar weather to hit the East Coast, that’s just what…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Fifth Avenue Apple Store Roof Springs A Leak, Again [Video]



Apple is having some trouble with its signature store on 5th Avenue in NYC. The company rebuilt the glass cube above the store so it will have less seams, but ever since the renovation was finished Apple has had not one, but two leaks.

A rain storm hit New York City yesterday, and just like two weeks ago, the roof of the 5th Ave store began to bulge with large deposits of water that  [Read More…]

5th Avenue iPad Mini Launch Likely To Be Subdued Due To Hurricane Sandy

Apple is going to sell a holy-crap-ton of iPad minis at Apple Stores everywhere tomorrow, except in New York City. After getting ravaged by hurricane Sandy, NYC is still trying to recover from the damage the storm has inflicted on them, and many people won’t be able to make it to the Apple Store for the launch.

The damage from hurricane Sandy will probably mean that the iPad mini launch at  [Read More…]

Apple’s Sandbagged The Entrance To 5th Avenue Apple Store [Image]

The 5th Avenue Apple Store is one of New York City’s most iconic buildings. It’s also made out of glass. Really strong glass that will probably be able to survive hurricane Sandy’s damage, but the store is also located underground. To add more protection from flooding, Apple added sandbags to the entrance of the store just in case.

Hopefully they’ve added a few barriers below the entrance too, because hypothetically, if  [Read More…]

The Prettiest Picture Of The 5th Avenue Apple Store Youll Ever See [Image]

Apple redesigned the 5th Avenue cube last year with 15 glass panels. There used to be 90.

This stunning shot of Apples flagship 5th Avenue store in New York City was recently taken byBarry McLynnwith aCanon EOS 60D. Weve seen lots of shots of the new glass cube, but this one definitely takes the cake. Reminds you of what makes Apple special.  

Apples Redesigned 5th Avenue Store Is Revealed! [Before/After]

Its not set to open for another hour yet, but the curtains already been pulled back on Apples redesigned 5th Avenue store, which sees the iconic cube pared down from 90 panes of glass to just fifteen, and the architectural cruft needed to support them eliminated in favor of a new seamless design. The end result is quite lovely, and makes the 5th Avenue location even more of a wonderful  [Read More…]

Apples Seamless Glass Cube on Fifth Avenue is Launching Friday [Report]

before the redesign

Apple is finally unveiling its seamless glass cube entrance to the Fifth Avenue store on Friday, according to MacRumors. Apples Fifth Avenue retail store is one of the most recognized Apple stores in the world and a main tourist attraction in New York City. $ 6.6. million in renovations to the Fifth Avenue store will finally be showed to the public onFriday, November 4th. Since June, there  [Read More…]