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iCaramba! Steve Jobs’ yacht narrowly avoids nasty scrape in the Caribbean

From minor controversies like Antenna-gate, to being kicked out of his own company and then returning triumphantly, Steve Jobs got out of plenty of tight squeezes in his life. Now that he’s gone, it seems that that same spirit of…Read more ›

How Apple avoids paying taxes on iTunes revenue

Apple’s tax tactics in Ireland have landed the company in Congress’ hot seat this year, but another European nation has also helped Apple wiggle its way out of paying massive taxes on its iTunes revenues. Apple reportedly took advantage of…Read more ›

Tim Cook Cheers Apple, Avoids Product Details, In This D11 Interview Roundup

I really have nothing to share with you, but Apple is awesome!

I really have nothing to share with you, but Apple is awesome!

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s interview this year at AllThingsD’s D11 conference started off with a cheerleader vibe, who said that Apple was not in trouble. He re-iterated that Apple continues to be a market leader, sold 85 million iPhones and 42 million iPads last quarter, and has seen drops in  [Read More…]

Game Development Tool Avoids App Stores Ranking Rollercoaster

Playhaven CEO Andy Yang calls it the ranking roller-coaster, a lengthy process of app introduction and updates that can turn a hot download into an also-ran in the span of a few months the time it takes for game developers to get slightly new versions through the Apple App Store. Yang thinks hes found a way to shorten the app update process from three months to three minutes. As the  [Read More…]