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Awesome throwback lamp will blind you with style

I finally pitched the cheap plastic desk lamp I’ve had since high school and replaced it with the light I’ve always wanted: the iconic Anglepoise 1227. If you’re looking for a classic desk lamp that won’t fade into the backdrop… Read more ›

The awesome apps you might have missed last week

It’s time for another weekly dose of all the great stuff from our intrepid news hounds and reporters within the digital confines of Cult of Mac Magazine. Buster has the lowdown on eight of the hot new features in Apple’s… Read more ›

8 awesome features in Apple’s new Photos for Mac

Apple is finally letting developers get their hands on Photos today, the long-awaited successor to iPhotos that was revealed at WWDC 2014. The new app is a complete revamp of iPhotos, allowing Mac users to organize, edit, share, and print… Read more ›

When you consider their overall functionality, and just plain popularity among kids, it’s no great revelation that the iPad has a bright future in the education market. Apple clearly think so too, as it’s pushed for some big deals in… Read more ›

Yesterday, Apple announced that it had a monster quarter. In Q4, it sold 74.5 million iPhone sales to go along with $ 74.6 billion in revenue and $ 18 billion in profits. Not only that, but it broke the record for the… Read more ›

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is a weird game. And I’m not just saying that because it’s about two members of a street gang going to hell to rescue their boss before he or she is forced to marry… Read more ›