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Major RingerX VIP Update Brings More Awesome Features

RingerX VIP was unleashed by iOS developer Yllier in the opening week of February to help you better manage whom your iDevice rings for and more breathtaking features to make sure that you only hear your iPhone ring when you desire to. From that time until now, Yllier has been working hard to make sure that RingerX VIP keeps getting more useful features. In today’s release of version 1.10, RingerX VIP sees not only new capabilities, but also  [Read More…]

CES Blowout Of Awesome Stuff For Your Mac, iPhone & iPad [Gallery]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – The Consumer Electronics Show is winding down, ending today. It was an exhausting three days of navigating the jam-packed halls for Mac related items. We saw a lot of stuff. Some crap, some cool. Here it is. Above: PhotoStitch can turn any scanned image into an embroidered work of art with a sewing machine. It’s like printing but with thread. Here’s a sample design of Steve Jobs. A  [Read More…]

iPhone SJ Concept Is Brought To Life In This Awesome Promo Video

Remember that stunning iPhone designed by Antonio De Rosa that we brought you last week? It’s called the iPhone SJ and it’s a tribute to Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. It looked pretty great in the photos we published, but it looks even more awesome when brought to life in this new video. De Rosa’s ADR Studio has turned his concept designs into a fancy promotional video, which does a terrific job of highlighting the device’s best features, such as that super slim  [Read More…]

Get This Awesome 8-Bit Interactive Fireplace For Your Mac, It’s Perfect For Christmas!

Sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning with a DVD of a roaring fireplace looping on your television? Tacky! Sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning with an 8-bit interactive fireplace roaring on your Mac? Awesome!   What a great Christmas gift: Ted Marten’s incredible Fireplace app has finally come to OS X, allowing Mac users to bask in the retro,  [Read More…]

Check Out The Making Of This Terrifying (But Awesome) Bronze Steve Jobs Statue [Gallery]

In my opinion, this statue designed by Hungarian software maker Gabor Bojar is absolutely petrifying, but there’s no doubt that the photo gallery of its construction first posted by the International Business Times is beautifully shot and captivating. We’ve got more images of this bronze Steve Jobs statue after the jump, including an amazing one of Steve Jobs getting his neck welded shut. [Read More…]

Apple’s New Grand Central Store Looks Awesome Inside — Here’s More Pictures! [Gallery]

Image courtesy of jennydeluxe on Instagram

We published a couple images of the inside of Apple’s new Grand Central store in New York yesterday, which is due to open on Friday, December 9. Plenty more images are set to surface later on today, with media entering the store for the first time at 10 AM local time. However, someone with a camera seems to have already gained entry, because we  [Read More…]

This Awesome Accessory Turns an iPhone Into a Fully Functional Microscope

We’ve seen some truly great accessories for the iPhone this year and the SkyLight should should certainly be counted among them. The SkyLight is a sleek, easy to use adapter that can connect an iPhone to a microscope. In an effort to overcome the global shortage in trained healthcare workers, SkyLight’s creators hope to connect doctors and nurses to patients in developing nations and rural areas. By holding an iPhone steady  [Read More…]

This Awesome Dock Is Designed To Make Your iPad 2 Look Like An Apple I

While Apple computers today are famous for their svelte aluminum enclosures, the company’s first machine — born way back in 1976 — was made out of wood. In a bid to bring back that look, the iStation dock attempts turns your iPad 2 into the original Apple Computer.   It’s the perfect Christmas gift for Apple fans who remember the first computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in  [Read More…]

MiCommand Universal iPhone Remote is Awesome

Remote controls – you have lots of them. You wish they worked better. You wish ‘universal’ really meant universal, (adaptable layouts, universal control of everything). Most of all you wish they didn’t always leave out that ‘one function’ you need. Now, home theater control is getting a shot in the arm from iOS. You probably already have remote apps like Apple’s Remote for iTunes/Apple TV, FiOS, or maybe your Blu-ray player. Most of these work  [Read More…]