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Worms 3, Guerilla Filmmaker, and others awesome apps of the week

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time for Cult of Mac to run down the week’s best apps. From guerrilla filmmaking to guerrilla warfare, and silent messaging apps to RSS readers, we think we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our pics below: Guerilla Filmmaker From Bentley commercials to Sundance indie movies, it’s not exactly […][Read More…]

Slack’s ‘emoji reactions’ make your co-workers awesome

Slack is ingraining emojis even deeper into your work environment whether you like it or not. Users were already able to send emojis casually while chatting, but now anyone can specifically react to messages in Slack with emojis. It’s pretty easy to…Read more ›

Fallout 4′s awesome wearable bonus incompatible with iPhone 6 Plus

If you’ve been itching to put a real-life Pip-Boy on your wrist via the $ 120 collector’s edition of Bethesda’s highly-anticipated role playing video game, Fallout 4, and you own an iPhone 6 Plus, you may be out of luck. The…Read more ›

iOS 9’s awesome two finger keyboard gesture is also coming to iPhone

Apple unleashed a ton of new software features for iPad on developers this week with the release of iOS 9’s first beta, but not all the features were covered during the two hour keynote that kicked off WWDC, including the…Read more ›

All the awesome features coming to your Apple Watch this fall

  Apple Watch apps have been ridiculously slow ever since Jony Ive’s timepiece started slapping itself onto wrists in April, but that could change by this fall thanks to the introduction of watchOS 2.0. The next generation of Apple Watch’s…Read more ›

The most awesome new apps you might have missed this week

Everything is awesome about these homemade Apple Watch stands

Now that you’ve dropped a few hundred bucks on your shiny new Apple Watch, you may be tempted to give it someplace to live while you charge it. But you don’t have to shell out even more cash to provide…Read more ›

Snake Rewind and other awesome apps you might have missed this week

A few awesome apps you might have missed last week

Awesome iOS Easter egg discovered after two years, hiding in plain sight

Apple is known for placing its fair share of Easter Eggs into iOS and OS X, but this is the collest one we’ve seen in a while. You know the new Voice Memos icon Apple introduced in iOS 7 Beta…Read more ›