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Change Launchpad’s Background Image Effect in Mac OS X Lion

Unblur Launchpad background Mac OS X Lion Bored with Launchpads background? You can make some changes to it in Mac OS X Lion by changing the background images default blur effect to three other options: unblurred (shown above), black and white blur, or black and white unblurred (both shown below): Open Launchpad Hit Command+B to cycle through the background image effects Hitting Command+B once should just remove the blur from the  [Read More…]

How to Tile Desktop Background Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

Tile a background image for wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion Mac OS X Lion changed the way desktop background pictures are handled. In short, if the image is fit to or larger than your Macs screen resolution, it won’t tile. Likewise, the default OS X Lion wallpapers don’t have the option to tile or change how they are orientated on your display. [Read More…]

Use Different Desktop Background Pictures for Spaces in Mac OS X Lion

Use Different Wallpapers for Spaces in Mac OS X Lion Assigning different wallpapers to different desktop spaces is much easier in Mac OS X Lion, here’s the quickest way to do this: Enter each space individually Right-click on the desired background image and choose “Set Desktop Picture” Repeat for the next desktop space Using this method and Mission Control to switch spaces is the fastest method, but you can also do  [Read More…]

Easily Generate CSS Background Gradient Code in Mac OS X

Instant CSS Gradients in Mac OS X Web designers and developers are well aware that creating CSS gradients is somewhat of a painful process. Sure there are a variety of web-based generator tools that make it easier, but you’ll often be left to scout around for different versions to get different CSS & CSS3 code pieces which then require manual tweaks in order to achieve  [Read More…]

KillBackground – Kill All Background Apps in AppSwitcher

The Multitasking / AppSwitcher feature, first added in iOS 4, is a great implementation that allows quick switching of applications from anywhere on your device. For the most part, in terms of use for simple purposes, the AppSwitcher does a great job of giving you the options and methods you need to best use your device. The only downside to the Multitasking feature is that you’re only able to remove one background application at a  [Read More…]