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Apple Store leaks images of new wireless keyboard with backlit LEDs

Apple redesigned the LED backlights for the new MacBook keyboard, and it appears a similar update could be coming soon to the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Several images of an updated keyboard appeared on the online Apple Store for the Czech…Read more ›

Two Neat New Backlit iPad Mini Keyboard Cases From Zagg

Two new iPad mini keyboard cases from Zagg today: A super-thin magnetic cover and a thicker stick-on “folio” case, similar to the Pro Plus case for the regular-sized iPad only with a top cover too. And both, amazingly, are backlit. For me, it’s a shootout between Zagg and Logitech when it comes to choosing the best iPad keyboards. I remain unconvinced by either of their offerings for the iPad mini, though, as they’re  [Read More…]

Moshi Luna Backlit Mac Keyboard Offers Curious Design Choices

Moshi’s Luna backlit Mac keyboard is a weird device. It’s a desktop device through-and-through, connecting via USB, but doesn’t have any USB ports itself – one of the major advantage of using a wired keyboard.

It also uses scissor-switched chiclet-stlye keys instead of something more substantial like you’d find in the Matias or DAS keyboards.

It does, however, sport Mac-friendly media keys, and packs a numerical keypad, perfect for moving your mouse further  [Read More…]

ZAGG ProPlus Backlit Keyboard Is Fantastic — For The iPad 2 [Review]

The short form: Zagg’s Pro Plus has got to be the best compact iPad keyboard I have used (and I have used a lot). It is also backlit, incredibly light and doubles as an iPad case.

But it has one fatal flaw – your iPad 3 or later will probably fall out.

First up, the description. The Zagg is an aluminum tray the same size and shape as the iPad, and when you put  [Read More…]

Zagg Launches Backlit iPad Keyboard



Over at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin. Zagg has launched a couple of new iPad keyboards. And one of them, the Pro Plus, has something I have missed ever since I took to typing on my iPad in the corners of dark and seedy bars: a keyboard backlight.

Along with Apple and Logitech, Zagg makes the best iPad keyboards around. This one has the usual features: built-in rechargeable battery, magnet to  [Read More…]

Mac Setups: Backlit iMac 27? & iPad 2

backlit iMac 27" This great reader submitted setup comes from recent Mac switcher Brian D and features an iMac 27? that is backlit with some Ikea LED strip lighting, an iPad 2, and an external 18?(?) display atop the iPads box. All of the screens are running the classic Flip clock screensaver, Fliqlo, which is one of my personal favorites. Elsewhere youll spot an iPhone, a retro cell phone, Apples classic  [Read More…]

Apple Releases New MacBook Airs With Sandy Bridge CPUs, Thunderbolt, Backlit Keyboards

Apples latest lineup of MacBook Air ultraportables just hit the Apple online store, and as expected, these babies are packing Intels latest Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors and the companys high-speed Thunderbolt technology, and backlit keyboards as standard.   All models pack a new Intel 3000 graphics processor and now feature a backlit keyboard like that in the MacBook Pros. Prices start at $ 949 $ 50 less  [Read More…]

Backlit Keyboard Might Return With The New MacBook Airs

This week is expected to witness the release of new MackBook Airs and Mac OS X Lion. There are expectations that Backlit Keyboard might return to the MackBook Air. Photo Via | flickr With the release of new models later this month, Apple is set to reinstate a feature to its MacBook Airs that went missing when the company overhauled the ultra-thin notebooks into more cost-affordable products late last year, AppleInsider has learned. According to  [Read More…]