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Apple backs LGBT equality act

In an effort to outlaw discrimination against LGBT people under federal law, members of congress introduced the historic Equality Act of 2015 today, and they’ve got the biggest company in tech on their side. By ensuring people can no longer…Read more ›

U.S. senator backs FTC investigation into Apple Music

It was inevitable that the success of Apple Music was going to have some people screaming about anti-competitive practices, and that’s exactly what happened. Yesterday, senator (and former SNL alumni) Al Franken threw his hat into the ring by writing…Read more ›

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie saved by Universal after Sony backs out

Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay on Steve Jobs has been in a seemingly perpetual state of flux for months. Multiple A-list actors and directors passed on the project, with Christian Bale most recently bowing out of the leading role after being all but…Read more ›

Sony backs out of Steve Jobs movie, but don’t worry!

Just as Steve Jobs had to go through some frustrating years of failure before returning to Apple to turn in around, so too is the Aaron Sorkin Jobs biopic experiencing its fair share of setbacks. Following the recent news that…Read more ›

Big Black Friday Apple deals and Obama backs an open internet on The CultCast

This week: huge news in the fight for an open internet; Youtube’s Music service confuses us; Apple Pay is like, the payment method of the future, man; big Black Friday deals on Apple’s newest gadgets; the go-to apps we keep…Read more ›

David Fincher Backs Out Of Directing Steve Jobs Movie For Sony

David Fincher, who was previously rumored to direct Sony’s movie about Steve Jobs, is now out of the picture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fincher and Sony have parted ways due to disagreements over “compensation and control.” And if Fincher…Read more ›

Steve Wozniak Backs Kickstarter Kit Computer

Would Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs have created the Apple I as a Kickstarter project had they been born in, say, 1985 and 1990 rather than 1950 and 1955? Certainly Apple co-founder Wozniak has clearly always seen a bit of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Samsung Backs Apple Into A Corner With 20% Price Hike On All Mobile Processors [Report]

Samsung currently supplies all of Apple’s mobile processors.

Samsung has dealt Apple a nasty blow by increasing the price of its mobile processors — the ones built into every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — by 20%. According to a person familiar with negotiations between the two companies, Apple initially disapproved the price hike, but was forced to accept it with no replacement supplier available.

“Samsung Electronics recently asked  [Read More…]

Forrester Finally Backs Macs for Enterprise

It’s a day few thought would come as soon as it has. But it now appears that Forrester has changed its tone on the use of Macs in the workplace. On Thursday, Forrester published a new report that warns businesses against standing in the way of the Mac revolution taking place in the corporate world today. “Stand in the way,” Forrester says, “and you will eventually get run over.” “It’s time to repeal prohibition and  [Read More…]

Adobe Backs Down on Claims That OS X Lion Assassinates Flash

Shortly after OS X Lion hit the Mac App Store, Adobe promptly blamed Apples new operating system for a number of issues with its applications that users are experiencing after upgrading. One of its claims was that Lion disables hardware video acceleration, which has a huge impact on its Flash Player and results in it eating up a whole lot more of your processing power than it previously did. It hasnt  [Read More…]