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Retrospect 9 for Mac Makes Secure Backups More Painless Than Ever

If you’ve been using a Mac for any real length of time, you probably know Retrospect. They’ve been releasing great backup tools to Mac users since the Metazoic age of MacOS 6, and despite coming under the thrall of various corporate overlords from time to time, Retrospect’s still hard at work making great software… and Retrospect 9 for Mac might be their best backup client yet.   What’s new? Growl  [Read More…]

Managing iCloud Backups And Wi-Fi Syncing In iOS 5 [Video How-To]

iCloud is Apple’s biggest new service to roll out in a long time, and with it comes a huge feature set. There’s quite a few settings and toggles, and it can be rather easy to get lost in. In this video, I’ll show you how to sort out backing up to iCloud, as well as iOS 5?s Wi-Fi sync feature.  

How To Speed Up iTunes Backups And Restores Before Updating To iOS 5

I’m seeing a lot of comments about slow backups and restores on my post Early iOS 5 Installation Problems Surface As Upgraders Cannot Restore/Update Their iPhones [Updated] and most of the time that problem is caused by bloat in an iOS device user’s Camera Roll. Apple never intended that users use the Camera Roll for picture and video storage to show off to your friends and family.  Here are  [Read More…]

Disable Time Machine Local Backups in Mac OS X Lion

Time Machine local backups Time Machine in Mac OS X Lion initiates a sometimes useful, sometimes not feature: local backups. Called snapshots, this seems to be kicked off when your primary Mac is a laptop and the Time Machine backup is an external drive, so OS X Lion compensates for the potentially unavailable external disk by keeping an additional backup locally on the Macs primary hard drive. This has its obvious  [Read More…]

Apple Will Delete Your iCloud Backups on Sept 22 in Preparation for Launch

Apple’s preparations for the launch of iCloud and iOS 5 this Fall will see the Cupertino company reset iCloud backup data on Thursday, September 22 — which will mean any backups made before this date will no longer be accessible. According to a posting on the Apple Developer boards, the company will delete all iCloud Backup data on September 22, and backing up to the service will be unavailable for a  [Read More…]

Bootable Backups Are Easier With Superduper

Superduper for OS X Every Mac sold since the launch of OS X 10.5 (Leopard) has had a copy of Apple’s backup software, Time Machine, included. And thank goodness for that, because backups were the elephant in the computer industry’s room. Everyone knew it was essential to keep backups, and everyone knew that most people just didn’t bother.   Time Machine made backups so simple that you didn’t  [Read More…]

Third Party NAS Time Machine Backups Killed in Lion

Among a slew of other changes and upgrades in OS X Lion, it has been confirmed that the new version of Time Machine in Lion temporarily kills the option to backup to a third party NAS server. Apple stresses the importance of the Time Machine mentality in Lion, with the Versions feature working in the same way to keep backups of your documents and other files. Killing the ability to backup  [Read More…]