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Super Bowl ad reunites Today Show hosts to be baffled again by technology

Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric are together again and still clueless about technology. The former Today Show hosts were reunited not on a morning show couch but in BMW’s i3 electric car for a Super Bowl ad that has them…Read more ›

iTunes Connect outage leaves devs baffled and irate

Developers trying to update their apps on iTunes got a surprise this morning, when thanks to a weird glitch with iTunes Connect, devs were logged into other users’ accounts. Not only did has the outage prevented developers from being able…Read more ›

Baffled by exotic tweets? TweetDeck can translate for you

With the global reach of Twitter, it’s totally possible you’re following a few folks that don’t necessarily Tweet in your native language. When that happens, it’s Tweetdeck to the rescue with its very useful translation function. Here’s how to make…Read more ›