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ICYMI: Baking the perfect cookie at CES 2015

The Cult of Mac team spent the past week sweating it out in Las Vegas and gathered up a ton of hands-on looks at some of the hottest products heading down the tech conveyor belt to you in the near…Read more ›

Science takes the guesswork out of baking the perfect cookie

LAS VEGAS — For more than 10 years, Michael Wallace and Darin Barri were toy designers. Depressed about plummeting sales because of video games, the pair went on a week long bender to drown their sorrows. They both loved lychee martinis, which…Read more ›

How baking your MacBook Pro could solve persistent heat issues

Reading that someone decided to put their MacBook Pro in the oven and then set about drilling holes in it sounds like one of those inane YouTube videos showing someone destroying a perfectly good computer for no reason whatsoever. For iFixit…Read more ›

Want To Feel Like You’re Not Baking Hard Enough? Check Out These ‘Cake Ideas’

Cake Ideas — Food & Drink — Free Sometimes the name of an app is a woeful understatement. Cake Ideas doesn’t contain “ideas” so much as the most complicated baking projects I’ve ever seen. Some of the recipes contained within…Read more ›    [Read More…]