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Michael Fassbender in talks to play Steve Jobs after Christian Bale bails

The hot potato game of who will play Steve Jobs in Sony’s biopic continues. Christian Bale was attached to the role until yesterday, and before that Leonardo DiCaprio’s name was in the mix. Now it’s being reported that Michael Fassbender…Read more ›

Christian Bale bails on Steve Jobs movie

Christian Bale says he’s not the Steve Jobs we deserve. The actor was tapped to star as the iconic Apple CEO, but has reportedly turned down the part in Sony’s upcoming biopic that is also rumored to star Seth Rogen…Read more ›

Photographic proof Bale & Rogen will crush Jobs & Woz roles

Seth Rogen has been tapped to play Steve Jobs’ loveable sidekick Woz in the upcoming biopic starring Christian Bale as Apple’s iconic CEO. We don’t know if Rogen’s guttural chuckling will mesh well with Bale’s ferocity, but when it comes…Read more ›

News roundup: Apple Pay reviews, Christian Bale as Steve Jobs and more

Apple Pay is here at last. With U.S. customers giving the new payment method a try, results — and opinions — vary widely. In this week’s news roundup, we talk about Cult of Mac’s first day with Apple Pay, the…Read more ›

Why Christian Bale will play an amazing Steve Jobs

Christian Bale is Steve Jobs. The Oscar-winning actor has officially signed on to play the late Apple co-founder in Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay for Sony. Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Bole is attached to project, but no other cast or crew members have…Read more ›

It’s official: Christian Bale will play Steve Jobs in movie adaptation

There have been plenty of rumors and today we have confirmation: Christian Bale will play Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s bestselling 2011 biography. Confirmation of the casting was made by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)…Read more ›

Conan reveals Christian Bale as Steve Jobs for the first time

Christian Bale has reportedly been tapped to don Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck in the upcoming biopic from Sony, and I got to admit I’m stoked. Bale seems like the perfect fit. He looks as much like Steve as Ashton did,…Read more ›

Christian Bale in talks to step into Jobs this spring

Entertainment insiders are saying that Oscar-winner Christian Bale will start filming Jobs this Spring as Apple’s late CEO and wonder-boy, Steve Jobs. According to Variety, Bale is in talks to star as the mercurial tech leader in the movie based…Read more ›

This Proves That Christian Bale Could Look Like Steve Jobs

Yesterday it was reported that Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale was in talks to play Steve Jobs for David Fincher’s upcoming biopic with Sony and Aaron Sorkin. While nothing has been confirmed, the rumor has already fueled some imaginations, as evidenced…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Fun Game: Rescuing a Bale of Adorable Turtles

Turtix for Mac Every week Mac Games and More features a fun, casual game you can play into the weekend. This week features a side-scrolling adventure and takes you to a school of magic, where you will meet Turtix, an adorably bumbling wizard-in-training turtle.   TurtixTurtix (side-scrolling arcade game) Follow the story of a School of Magic filled with cute little turtle students. One of the star students, Turtix, decides one  [Read More…]