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Safari Web Content “Not Responding” on Mac? Fix the Beach Ball with These Tips

Mac Safari users may occasionally experience an issue where the web browser becomes unresponsive for an extended period of time, usually accompanied by the appearance of the spinning multi-color beach ball cursor. With a little digging under the hood, this almost always corresponds with the appearance of “Safari Web Process (Not Responding)” showing up in … Read More

Indians bullpen ransoms 100th homerun ball for a ton of Apple products

Cleveland Indians outfielder Brandon Moss hit his 100th home run in the major leagues yesterday against the Kansas City Royals. The ball representing his career milestone landed in his own team’s bullpen, but unfortunately for Moss, his teammates are holding…

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Gadget Watch: Hip flasks, shaving kits and a Spinning Beach Ball of Death tote

New Super Monkey Ball game set to bounce onto iOS this summer

Super Monkey Ball was one of the real gems of the GameCube era, and now a version of it is set to bounce its way onto iOS this summer. But this isn’t your grandpappy’s Super Monkey Ball. According to SEGA,…

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MiStand Uses Big Magnetic Ball To Support Your iPad

d2f469e1c18549821da77f353dac0a76_largeThe MiStand might look like a big, heavy, over-engineered iPad desk stand, and it probably is. But it has one standout feature that makes it interesting: A big magnetic ball. The MiStand actually looks fantastic, a big angular chink of aluminum with a smallish pad that sticks to your iPad. In between the two is […]

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Play Peggle With An Elder God – Ball Of Cthulhu In The App Store Now

TBoC Screenshot 1136x640 05Ever feel like submitting your will, nay, your sanity, to an Elder God? iOS game Ball of Cthulhu aims to make your dream a reality, with a narrative right out of the pulp magazines of the Lovecraftian era to pull you from one Peggle-styled level to the next. You’ll have to use the power of […]

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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Sonic Dash, 8 Ball Pool, Path On & More [Roundup]

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 13.58.50

This week’s must-have apps roundup features three awesome new games that’ll keep you entertained this weekend, plus three new apps that’ll transform your photographs and help you explore the world around you. We have the latest releases from Sega and Google, the awesome 8 Ball Pool from Miniclip, and more.

Sonic Dash — Universal ($ 1.99)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rtInCSBgzQ?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

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New Samsung Chief Will ‘Play Ball’ With Apple

To say that Apple and Samsung have had a contentious working relationship would be an understatement. But two of the most prominent giants in their respective industry may be on a path to an improved and more cordial coexistence. On Thursday, Samsung got a new CEO. And sources close to the top say this guy will “play ball” with Apple.

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Why Do I Get the Spinning Beach Ball Daily? [Ask MacRx]

Readers continue to contact us with questions about their Macs and iDevices, so we�ve decided to run Ask MacRx more frequently during the week. Today we address one of the most common questions for a Mac consultant, why do I get that spinning beach ball all the time?

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