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Ballistic Smooth Series For iPad Mini: A Good Balance Between Looks & Protection [Review]

miniipad_smooth_purple_web_004Made from durable thermoplastic polyurethane, the Ballistic Smooth Series case for iPad mini aims to provide even the clumsiest of owners with all the protection they’ll need for their beloved tablet. And it does so without adding too much bulk. Smooth Series by Ballistic Category: Cases Works With: iPad mini Price: $39.99 “Your new iPad […]

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Ballistic Aspira Case Mixes Toughness With Sleek Good Looks [Review]


Aspira by Ballistic Category: Cases Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $ 35

Ballistic’s new Aspira iPhone cases are a little different from your usual ruggedized case. First, they’re not ugly. Second, they’re pretty slim. And third, you can keep them in your pocket.

I have been testing out a box of the things for a little while now and I kinda like them. My friends’ opinions might differ, though.

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This is pure speculation, but I have a suspicion that when Microsoft fired the person responsible for naming the Windows Phone 7 Series Phones, that same person was snapped up by the folks at Ballistic. For how else could you explain the “IPHONE 5 BALLISTIC EVERY1 SERIES CASE,” a case so badly labelled that it even shouts its name?

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Ballistic Tough Jacket For iPad Is More Case Than Most People Will Need [Review]

Not much is going to get through this lot.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket is the clearest case of overkill I have seen in a while. If you need protection at the cost of size, weight and style, then you should probably buy one now. Otherwise, read on. The case is actually pretty useful.

The Jacket comes in three parts, and putting them onto your iPad is a little like dressing a child  [Read More…]