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Australians banks accused of freezing out Apple Pay

Australia may recently have said “G’day” to Apple Pay, but when it comes it the country’s overall embrace of Apple’s NFC payment platform, well, let’s just say that a few more shrimps could be tossed on the proverbial barbie. That’s because, despite now being available to Amex customers Down Under, Australia’s Reserve Bank is being pushed […]

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Banks will spend big to take on Apple Pay

Having recently arrived in Canada and Australia, and with plans underway for a February launch in China, it’s safe to say that Apple Pay is taking over the NFC payments world. Which is exactly why, according to a new report, banks are ramping up their technology budgets in order to compete — concerned that tech […]

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Lloyds Bank’s Apple Pay ad is a heartwarming holiday treat

Living in the U.K. as I do (in contrast to most of my California-based Cult of Mac co-writers), Christmas ads are one of the few bright spots at this time of year. And Lloyds Bank just kicked off the season with a cracking 40-second ad showing off the fact that it is now well and […]

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Sharing your Touch ID is a big no-no, say banks

Banks may refuse to refund disputed transactions, or help customers who are victims of fraud, if the person in question has their fingerprints stored on a phone or tablet that does not belong to them. According to a new report, several banks in the U.K. are making the decision now that fingerprints are used to […]

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Australian banks aren’t in a hurry to say g’day to Apple Pay

Apple Pay might be a while arriving in Australia according to a new report, which claims that the country’s four largest banks are stalling negotiations with Apple so as to hold on to $ 2 billion per year they earn from merchants for interchange fees. The reason for this likely relates to the amount of money the […][Read More…]

Apple Pay arrives in the U.K. with plenty of support from local banks

Apple Pay today makes its debut in the United Kingdom, nine months after it launched in the U.S., and it has been greeted by plenty of support from local banks. Those with a supported device can register their credit and…Read more ›

Apple Pay adds 23 regional banks and credit unions to growing roster

If you’re a user of a local or regional credit union like I am, you’ll be excited to hear that Apple continues to add smaller financial institutions to its ever-growing list of places that will let you pay for things…Read more ›

British banks are finally securing their apps with Touch ID

In a U.K. industry first, two major banks in the United Kingdom are finally adding Touch ID identification to their iOS apps. RBS and NatWest customers must activate the feature using their existing security information, but can use Touch ID after…Read more ›

Apple in talks with banks to bring Apple Pay to Brazil

Although Apple Pay has seen rapid adoption, it’s still only technically available in the United States. Credit cards issued by U.S. banks have been reported to work with NFC terminals around the world, but no international banks have supported the mobile…Read more ›

USAA and a few more banks turn on Apple Pay support

A group of banks added support for Apple Pay today, including USAA, PNC Bank, US Bank, and Navy Federal Credit Union. USAA and PNC had previously said that Apple Pay wouldn’t be supported until November 7th, but their cards have…Read more ›