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Rockets, guns and Barbie: hottest toys of the 1950s

Don’t Let Your Kids Play This Appalling Barbie Liposuction Game

As if we didn’t have enough fat shaming to go around, there’s a new game on the App Store called Plastic Surgery For Barbara, and it’s a doozy. The idea here is that Barbara (or Barbie, if you will) is…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Barbie and Ken Suspected of iPad Thefts

Life in plastic isnt so fantastic for a pair of iPad thieves named Barbie and Ken. The crimes took place in Denver, where a woman named Barbie Alvarado is accused of answering ads on Craigslist for iPads then stealing them with the help of an accomplice named Ken. The real-life Barbie, 25, would feign interest in the magical devices, then make a snatch-and-grab (Im taking your toys and going  [Read More…]