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bannerNitro is a very promising new todo list app for the Mac (plus a bunch of hippie platforms). It keeps your notes in a plain text file on Dropbox, and is available free from the Mac App Store. Nitro works around a todo.txt file, the favorite todo list format of nerds everywhere. And as it […]

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Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.12.59Paperback is a minimal read-later service that uses your Pinboard account as a source for articles. Any time you check the “Read Later” box when saving bookmarks to your Pinboard account, these items are added to a rudimentary queue. Paperback uses this list to provide you with a nice, clean, Instapaper-like web view of these […]

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opera-speeddialOpera 15, the first Opera browser powered by Google’s Chromium engine, is now available to download on your Mac. In addition to a “fresh new look,” it comes with a new Speed Dial page that provides one-click access to your favorite sites, plus a feature called Discover that offers a range of content you might [...]

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Got a few minutes to read something? Not sure which of your saved Read Later article to pick? Then you need Readtime, a new iPhone app which picks articles based on the time you have available. Dial in the length of your coffee break or the average time taken to clear your bowels in the morning, and Readtime will return a list of appropriately-long articles.

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If you’re gonna flirt with technology, make sure you’re safe doing so.

Location-based dating. Spooky, right? It’s a lot like leaving personal information on little sticky notes attached to your coat; any random scary internet guy or gal can pick one off you at any moment and get in your face. Yikes!

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Set Location Based Reminders with Siri

Set Location Reminders with Siri

Siri is getting more and more useful, and one of the better uses for Siri are location based reminders. With location reminders, you can have Siri remind you to do things like make copies when you get to work, feed the cat when you get home, and just about any other task that would be helpful to be reminded of upon arrival or departure. This tends to work  [Read More...]

Set Location Based Reminders in OS X Mountain Lion

Set Location Based reminders in Mac OS X

Want to be notified of a reminder when you arrive at a specific place? Or maybe reminded to do something when you leave a location? You can do both of these from OS X Mountain Lion onward with the Reminders app, much like you can in the iOS world. Because the reminders sync through iCloud, you’ll be alerted on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or  [Read More...]

[Review] Make Reminders to Yourself Based On A Map

This is quite possibly the first and best tweak to enhance the iOS 5 Reminders application. iOS 5 shipped with a new application on our SpringBoards known as Reminders. Do you remember what Reminders does? Reminders is a new app that functions a lot like notes does. The only thing that is distinctive between Notes and reminders is that while in Notes you can jot things down, Reminders will go beyond that and furthermore send you  [Read More...]

As MMi reported this morning, it is now a foregone conclusion that Apple television sets will, indeed, arrive in the next year, most likely in the second or third fiscal quarter of 2012. And now we’re learning that Apple may bring customized channel lineups to this long-awaited but still mythical connected HDTV. On Wednesday, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu shared with investors his belief that Internet-based content subscriptions with customized channel lineups will be unveiled right alongside the  [Read More...]