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Build And Battle Cross-Platform With ‘Knightly Adventure’ iOS Game

The developers at Pangalore have released a new game for iOS and Facebook that combines an action RPG with a city building sim. The hybrid game is free to download and play on iOS, and it connects with the Facebook game of the same name.

It’s good looking, plays well, and scratches that free-to-play city building/simulation itch we all seem to have these days. You can build your own fantasy  [Read More…]

Amazon Wins EU Anti-Trust Battle Against Apple’s Ebook Pricing

After an anti-trust lawsuit was launched by the European Union earlier this year to check whether or not Apple’s e-book pricing is anti-competitive, Apple and four publishers are ready to accept an offer from the EU to end the probe.

The acceptance of the offer hands Amazon a big victory in the battle for e-book pricing in Europe as it opens the door for Amazon to continue to sell online books cheaper  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs’s Ghost Destroys Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates In Epic iPad Mini Rap Battle [Video]

Mondo’s latest is Steve Jobs: Back of the Line, an awesome rap sung by the ghost of Steve Jobs who, in the matter of a mere three-and-a-half minutes manages to school Jeff Bezos, teabag Bill Gates and one-up his successor, the awkward, stuttering M.C. Cook.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS_s96CJnf4?fs=1&feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

This is the winning verse, though, sung in response to a charge by Jeff Bezos that the iPad mini is a rip-off of  [Read More…]

Steam Is Officially Expanding Beyond Games, Will Do Battle With Mac App Store Starting September 5th

Looks like the rumors were true: Valve’s Steam digital delivery service is breaking out of being exclusive to games, and will soon be selling apps on the PC and Mac as well. That makes Steam a head-to-head competitor with Apple’s Mac App Store.

Valve will soon be expanding the scope of software on Steam beyond games to app types ranging from “creativity to productivity” including accounting, animation & modeling, utilities, software  [Read More…]

Pro Vs. Air: Its A Battle Of The MacBooks On The CultCast

Cultcast site promo pic

On The CultCast, our listeners ask us all the time whether they should go for the Macbook Pro or the Macbook Air. I say be a real Apple fan get both. But if that’s not an option, we’ll tell you when which model makes more sense than the other, and which Macbook will be right for you on our latest episode.

And then, Faves and Raves! The fun but  [Read More…]

Battle of The Armatures: Upstart Audiofly, Sony Introduce Their First-Ever Armature-Powered IEMs [CES 2012]

Amazing to think Sony have never offered an armature-driven earphone before; but now that they are, theyre diving in huge time with eleven models. Aussie new kid on the block Audiofly just have one in their new lineup, but its a doozy, and it sounded absolutely stunning; we fully expect these to  [Read More…]

iOS Developers Continue to Battle Patent Troll Lodsys

There hasnt been much news regarding the legal battles between the patent troll Lodsys and the developer community but this doesnt mean that Lodsys has disappeared. The folks over atArs Technicarecently interviewed iOS developer Mike Lee, who is the founder of theAppsterdam Legal Defense Team, which plans to fight Lodsys shaking down of developers. As of right now, it looks like the battle will continue well into 2012. For those of you who didnt already  [Read More…]

Samsung vs Apple Legal Battle Round 257: Apple Files ITC Suit, Plans Assassination

Apple filed their own suit against Samsung with the International Trade Commission yesterday. This comes after Samsung filed a similar complaint with the ITC last week. Or was it the week before? Honestly, these estranged lovers can only beat on one another so much before the divorce lawyers get involved. Apple’s suit is seeking an injunction to prevent Samsung from importing Android phones and tablets into the U.S. The complaint cites five utility patents and two design patents that apply  [Read More…]

Facebook Wins Patent Battle (Media Tagging)

Click the image to open in full size. Users of Facebook know and have most likely used the tagging feature that Facebook has to offer. Tagging faces and people in photos is what set Facebook apart and was truly Facebook’s first push of innovation (beyond the platform itself). Facebook has been battling for almost five years to gain the patent rights to tagging photos and the features along with it, and has finally won.  [Read More…]

Battle Chess On The iPhone Is Coming Soon

Do you remember Battle Chess? If the answer is no, do not worry. This is a classical variant of the classic games of chess in which the characters, rather than simply move on the chessboard, go to hitting each other and try to kill himself. A little ‘as in Harry Potter in short, a sort of Mortal Kombat based on chess. Battle Chess will not be back only on IOS, but also on PC and other  [Read More…]