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Jimmy Fallon’s iPhone game wants to give a bear a good night’s sleep

Jimmy Fallon is known for inventing silly games to play with his guests on “The Tonight Show.” It’s part of the hot host’s comedic repertoire that keeps his show atop of the late-night ratings. Now Fallon is trying his hand…

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Canadian Thieves Rob Apple Store With Bear Mace


Any chemical that can dissuade a bear from using your ribs like emory boards is potent stuff, which is why this story of an Apple Store robbery up in Vancouver is so horrifying: three perps busted up a Genius Bar and started indiscriminately spraying people with bear mace.

According to a brief report in The Toronto Sun:

About 40 people were in the store at the Oakridge Mall around 7 p.m.  [Read More…]

Fun Game: The Weight of the New 13th Astrological Sign Rests On Your Shoulders – Can You Bear It?

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features a fun, downloable game to try out for free that you can play over the weekend. With this week’s selection, become an astrology fanatic and unveil the mystery of the 13th zodiac sign. Download it now

Zodiac Prophecies: The Serpent Bearer (hidden objects/adventure) – The new astrological sign you’ve just discovered is The Serpent, which makes you the newfangled Serpent Bearer. This means many  [Read More…]

Frost Wars: The Rise of Fatty Sparkles Brings Humor, Production Value, and A Massive Polar Bear To Mac Gaming

The Arctic. A tribe of mystical, peace-loving Eskimos. A greedy, visionary corporation named Toxi Co. (get it?). A freak accident unleashes goo that mutates all in its path, including a massive polar bear named, you guessed it, Fatty Sparkles.

Can’t you picture this on your television or movie screen? How about as a turn-based multiplayer digital board game? I bet you can see it both ways, and that’s what developer, Lantern, is  [Read More…]