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Currency App Converts Currencies. Beautifully

Who knew there was room for yet another iPhone currency converter in the store? The folks behind Currency, that’s who, a conversion app that is as minimal as its name.

Currency looks gorgeous, and is super-simple to use. At the top is your source currency, and below that is a list of target currencies. Type your amount in the top and it’ll be converted into all the currencies below, letting you see  [Read More…]

The Beautifully Designed Vintage Macs That Never Were [Gallery]

Over at DesignBoom, they’ve put up an incredible gallery of early Apple II and Macintosh product designs that never saw the light of day by Hartmut Esslinger, a designer who founded Frog Design, the company that Apple partnered with through the 1980s and 1990s. There are even some products that Apple never made, like a stylus-controlled smartphone from the early 80s called the “MacPhone,” a precursor to the MacMini called the Baby Mac,  [Read More…]

FlipClock is a Beautifully Simple Clock Screen Saver for Mac OS X

FlipClock Screen Saver for Mac OS X

FlipClock is an appropriately named and wonderfully simple screen saver for Mac OS X that does nothing but show you the time in a very nice retro flip clock fashion. There are no frills and no features, nor do there really need to be, it’s just a simple lightweight clock that shows AM/PM and current time, with the traditional flip animations when the time changes.

  [Read More…]

Learn How To Make Beautifully Designed iPhone Apps With Deals.CultofMac’s Latest Tutorial Deal

ATTENTION all devs, designers, geeks, engineer-newbies, iLovers, creatives, and dreamers who want to learn the mastery of iPhone app design from the beginning – we have a special offer that will BLOW your socks off! This iPhone app design course not only comes with a complete video tutorial overview of how to design your first iOS app, but also comes equipped with 40MB of pixel-perfect photoshop templates to accelerate  [Read More…]

FieldFolio For iPad 2: Beautifully Designed & Different [Review]

The FieldFolio case ($ 70) for iPad 2 is an innovative case that’s inspired by classic cloth-bound notebooks. It’s manufactured by hand from recycled board and cotton-blend bookbinding linens, and traditionally bound just like a real book. But instead of paper inside it, you’ll find a custom-fit cradle that houses your iPad. The cover boasts a built-in magnetic array that works just like Apple’s Smart Cover — waking your device when you open  [Read More…]

We Really Wish Someone Would Import This Beautifully Designed Vietnamese Steve Jobs Calendar [Gallery]

A Vietnamese book publisher has just published a touching, beautifully designed 2012 memorial calendar to the life of Steve Jobs, filled with the most iconic Steve shots of the last thirty years and aspirational quotes from the fiery, passionate Apple founder himself on the way to live life.   The 2012 calendar is called “Be Hungry, Be Foolish” and features 14 photographs commemorating the most important moments in the life of  [Read More…]

Iomega Announces Its Mac Companion Hard Drive Which Fits Beautifully Under Your Mac & Charges Your iOS Devices

Iomega has announced its latest external hard drive for Mac users today. Named the Mac Companion, the drives are available with either 2 or 3 terabytes of storage at 7,200 rpm and start at $ 195. But what’s great about this baby is it fits beautifully under your iMac and will also charge your iOS devices while you work. In addition to that speedy 7,200 rpm hard drive, the Mac Companion  [Read More…]