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What Cielo D. ‘Shot on iPhone 6′ became a billboard and a symbol of hope

There was a divorce, financial setback and hurt when the father she finally met had little interest in building a relationship. Cielo de la Paz needed just one small sign to remind her happier days lie ahead.   She would… Read more ›

How Alto’s Adventure became your next favorite iPhone game

One of Ryan Cash’s favorite games growing up was GoldenEye on the N64. “One thing I remember so clearly is that the game was hard,” he recalled. “You couldn’t just beat the game on its toughest setting if you weren’t amazing.” Luckily for… Read more ›

Zuckerberg explains why Facebook Messenger became its own app

From answering trolls online to busting out near-fluent Mandarin in front of a surprised audience, Mark Zuckerberg’s all about defying expectations these days. That trend continued yesterday, as he gave a reasonable (and even Steve Jobsian) answer about why Facebook… Read more ›

How Siri became a 10-year-old autistic boy’s best friend

In Spike Jonze’s film, Her, Joaquin Phoenix plays a man who falls in love with a Siri-like “digital assistant,” played by Scarlett Johansson. But falling in love with Siri doesn’t just happen in the movies. In the New York Times,… Read more ›

Instagram’s Hyperlapse app just became the ultimate selfie tool

Today Instagram updated Hyperlapse with a feature it’s calling “selfielapse.” While the app was previously restricted to the rear shooter, the iPhone’s front facing camera can now be used to take time lapse videos. Hyperlapse’s design has also been updated to… Read more ›

How Super Evil Megacorp became Apple’s favorite game makers

Of all the people to appear onstage at Tuesday’s Apple keynote, U.S. game developers Super Evil Megacorp were among the most memorable — thanks partly to co-founder Tommy Krul’s decision to wear a fetching infinity scarf. What followed were Internet… Read more ›

iSpy: How a photojournalist became Steve Jobs’ hand-picked photographer

Family and a few close friends aside, very few people got the inside track on Steve Jobs. One of the few exceptions was Doug Menuez, an award-winning documentary photographer. For almost a decade between 1985 and 1994, Menuez shot an… Read more ›

How Leo’s Fortune became the year’s most lovable iPhone game

Leo’s Fortune is one of those games that just makes you feel good.  It definitely gave Apple the warm fuzzies: they chose the game, which looks like a mashup between a Pixar movie and a classic platformer from the Super Mario World era,… Read more ›

How Sometimes You Die Became The Surprise Hit Game Of 2014 [Exclusive]

To be or not to be? That’s the question posed by Sometimes You Die — a game powered by existential angst that’s tearing up the charts. While a game that constantly questions its own raison d’être sounds more like a… Read more ›

How ComiXology Became The iTunes Of Comic Books

Faster than a speeding bullet, ComiXology has scaled the ranks in the App Store in what seems like a single bound. As one of last year’s top-grossing iPad apps, the digital comics platform has sold an astonishing 6 billion comic book… Read more ›