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If you’ve ever been browsing through the Pinterest app and then seen something that made you think, “OMG want,” but you were away from your computer or just didn’t feel like going online to make that thing yours, you may… Read more ›

These old Apple devices are about to become obsolete

If your iPhone 3G breaks a month from now, prepare to be mostly out of luck. Apple has released a list of devices that will stop receiving repair and parts service in Apple Stores on June 9. The full list,… Read more ›

It’s time for the Cult of Mac to mobilize. Apple co-founder, Segway enthusiast, and all-around snuggly bear Steve Wozniak has won many honors and awards over the years, but this could be the greatest one yet: he’s up to be… Read more ›

If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to code but have balked at paying high tuition costs and investing your valuable time with a classroom schedule, then we’ve got an offer that you must take advantage of. Now you… Read more ›

Become a Safari search master with quick iOS tip

On the Mac, it’s super easy to search for a word or phrase within the currently loaded page, you simply hit Command-F on your keyboard and Safari, Chrome, or any other web browser will open up a little field to… Read more ›

iPad selfie sticks have officially become a thing

I’m still on the fence over whether society should allow monopod poles selfie sticks to exists, but this latest invention is pushing me over to the “hell no” side of the argument. For those who need a giant viewfinder to… Read more ›

Citizen George is slated to be a full-length independent film about a director who creates a hugely popular space opera film trilogy (read, George Lucas and Star Wars), only to end up releasing disappointing film prequels 20 years later. So… Read more ›

SAN FRANCISCO — When I went to meet Peter Dijkstra, the business guy at Dutch-based game developer Vogelsap, I had to wait in line to see the small, indie team’s new horror game, The Flock. I wasn’t too upset, though,… Read more ›

Apple’s retail stores are one of Cupertino’s crown jewels, and the envy of pretty much every tech company out there. A new rumor suggests that online retail giant Amazon.com might soon be looking to replicate Apple’s success with its own… Read more ›

You’ve surely seen the ultra-expensive Super Bowl commercials by now (and if you haven’t check out our round up), but I doubt you took time to recreate your favorites as stop-motion Lego animations. That’s precisely what A+C Studios did, however,… Read more ›