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Google is about to become its own wireless carrier

Pretty soon you’ll be able to buy a Nexus smartphone on Google’s own wireless network. Both The Information and The Verge are reporting that Google is close to offering its own mobile phone plans directly to customers, a move that… Read more ›

Successful computer programmers are educated in as many coding languages as they can handle. They maintain their knowledge through professional development opportunities to stay abreast of changes in the industry and to familiarize themselves with the newest and most up… Read more ›

It’s almost time for a new year. With a new year comes new beginnings. Why not take that as an opportunity to learn a new skill, such as web design, or enhance the skills you already have by learning something… Read more ›

Steve Wozniak is about to become a reality TV show

Steve Wozniak has played a lot of roles over the last three decades – engineer, Apple co-founder, Segway polo champion, and university professor – but Steve is about to jump into an all new realm: Realty TV show host. The… Read more ›

These days, the closest most iPhone owners come to experiencing what it’s like to take a picture on a Polaroid instant camera is loading up the Instagram app. But a new startup is hoping to bring a built-in instant printer… Read more ›

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige took to the stage at a special event at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood Tuesday to talk about the next slate of blockbuster films the company is planning to release over the next few years.… Read more ›

Woz is moving to Australia to become a professor

Steve Wozniak changed the world when he co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs to create the first personal computer. Now after decades revolutionizing the tech world, he’s ready to impart his wisdom to the top tech minds in Australia. University of… Read more ›

iPhone 6 owners who happen to also be fans of Major League Baseball have a treat on their hands, courtesy of a new deal signed by Apple which will see Apple Pay added at several MLB stadiums in time for… Read more ›

Being Steve Jobs’ son or daughter would surely mean a never-ending supply of new high-tech devices to play around with, right? Not according to a New York Times article by Nick Bilton, who claims that Jobs set out to purposely… Read more ›