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Has Your MacBook Pro Been Randomly Shutting Down? Try This Firmware Update

A firmware update has been released for the MacBook Pro that resolves an issue involving the laptop randomly shutting down during a heavy workload. MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.5 is now available in Software Update, although Apple has not specified which MacBook Pro models get the fix. This update resolves an issue where a MacBook Pro being used with a power adapter may unexpectedly shut down  [Read More…]

Altec Lansing IMW725 InMotion Air Could Have Been Designed by Jony Ive’s Evil Twin [Review]

Curvy. Smooth. Uncomplicated. Think of any product One Infinite Loop has spat out over the last decade or so and you’ll almost invariably and immediately come up with a few key adjectives to describe them (and if you don’t, you’re probably not reading this right not anyway). But The Bluetooth-equipped Altec Lansing InMotion Air ($ 200) is pretty much the opposite of anything and everything Jony Ive and his colleagues  [Read More…]

The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Have Been Jailbroken Under iOS 5!

While Apple’s latest gadgets are a must-have for some, they’re not all that useful for iOS jailbreakers. The company’s new iPhone 4S, along with the iPad 2, cannot be jailbroken when running iOS 5, but thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team, it won’t be long before you’re using Cydia on them. The iPhone Dev-Team’s MuscleNerd posted a screenshot to Twitter yesterday that showed Cydia running on a jailbroken iPhone 4S. Not  [Read More…]

If You Have An iPhone In Prison, It Has Probably Been In Someone’s Butt

Most of us are hopefully unfamiliar with the prison scene, so Gizmodo has taken an interesting look at technology in California’s San Quentin State Prison. The series is called “Lockdown,” and the latest installment focuses on how smartphones are used behind bars. Phones in prison are a hot item, going for $ 300 to $ 700 behind bars. Inmates use them to communicate with the outside world and orchestrate nefarious activities  [Read More…]

Check What Software Updates Have Been Installed in Mac OS X

Check installed software updates Forget what Software Updates you’ve installed? You can easily check in Mac OS X: Open “System Preferences” from the ? Apple menu Click on “Software Update” and then choose the “Installed Software” tab From here you’ll see the precise installed date and time, the software update package name, and the version of each update listed. This list can be helpful to look through for troubleshooting purposes, or  [Read More…]

IntelliScreenX Isn’t Just What Notification Center Should Have Been, It’s A Reason To Jailbreak

If you’ve already updated to iOS 5, I’m sure one of the features you’re enjoying most is the new Notification Center. It’s a fantastic addition to iOS, and something we were begging for from Apple for some time. However, there are a number of ways in which Notification Center can be improved… and one of them is to install IntelliScreenX. Now, before we go any further, you must know that  [Read More…]

WordPress iOS App Finally Adds The Buttons We’ve All Been Waiting For [App Update]

Yes WordPress, you’ve finally given the WP iOS app a bionic injection — an upgrade that’ll make it an order of magnitude more useful (certainly for bloggers like me, anyway). Finally, I have a whole row of commands to easily insert links, quote marks and the like. But why did it take so long?   Well, let’s forget the delay and just bask in the warm glow of progress. There’s  [Read More…]

An iPhone Design Flaw Has Finally Been Uncovered! [Humor]

Someone get Steve Jobs and Jony Ive on the iPhone, because, Houston, we have a problem. An iPhone/iOS design flaw has been uncovered. And by “design flaw,” we mean something so minute that only the folks at Cupertino would cringe.   Try to not scream, but the little arrow that appears when you open a folder on the iPhone is off-centered by one pixel. [Read More…]

This 24 Karat Unibody MacBook Pro Could Have Been Designed By Jonny Ive’s Imaginary Pimp Brother [Gallery]

So what we have here is a MacBook Pro slathered in so much 24 karat gold and multi-colored sapphire encrustation that you’d think it was a rapper’s bridgework. In fact, the guys over at Computer Choppers took this whole crazy idea so far that they even gold-plated the keyboard. You know what they say: one man’s bling is another man’s vomitsome eyesore. Check out more pictures after the jump.    [Read More…]

Safari 5.1 For OS X Snow Leopard And Windows Has Been Released

Apple has just released Safari 5.1 as part of Mac OS X Lion. This new version brings lots of new features, some of which are tied into Lion’s new capabilities. But Apple also released the new version for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows that brings some of the new features. The new features included in this update : Reading List: Easily add webpages and links to your Reading List to browse  [Read More…]