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Beep, a $150 Wi-Fi Volume Knob That Streams Music From Pandora

Beep is a weird little device that could be either just the thing you’re looking for, or the stupidest accessory ever. It’s a Wi-Fi volume knob that hooks up to your speakers, and streams music either direct from Pandora, or…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Find a Misplaced iPhone by Making it Beep Remotely from iCloud

Find a lost iPhone easily Don’t you hate it when you misplace your iPhone and can’t find it? Or when it slides between the couch cushions or under a pile of laundry and you spend 20 minutes checking every possible place in the house to no avail? The old trick is to call the iPhone from another phone, but if you don’t have another phone handy that’s not particularly helpful. The  [Read More…]