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iOS 9 is still in beta, but you can get ahead of the curve and under the hood of Apple’s powerful new mobile OS before its official launch. In a Cult of Mac Deals exclusive, the iOS 9 Swift Coding… Read more ›

When you sign in to Apple Music, you have access to Apple’s new music-centric sharing and socializing system, Connect. While Ping may have come to an an ignominious end, Connect has the advantage of being integrated into the new, exciting… Read more ›

Kitschy Scopitone jukebox brought the jams before MTV

Cable boxes couldn’t be hooked up fast enough in August of 1981. People said I want my MTV.   Music videos blew our minds as we watched for hours on end a steady rotation of our favorite rock and pop… Read more ›

Apple today invited Beats Pill XL owners to return their speakers for a refund after discovering that its battery could overheat and pose a fire safety risk. Customers will receive a full refund of $ 325 as an Apple Store gift… Read more ›

Master your Apple Watch before it arrives

Once your Apple Watch arrives, you’re going to slap it on your wrist ASAP. But then what? There’s a fairly steep learning curve for the Apple Watch, since Apple came up with innovations like Force Touch and the Digital Crown… Read more ›

If you’re an iOS developer itching to get your hands on an Apple Watch, it might be your lucky day. Apple is giving registered developers a chance to get an Apple Watch delivered by next week, which is much better… Read more ›

Learn how to use Apple Watch before you buy

Apple Watch preorders don’t go on sale until April 10th at 12:01 AM, but you can get a virtual walkthrough of how to use one right now. Apple has posted new guided tours online detailing specific features of the Watch in detail.… Read more ›

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Zombeavers, but it’s out now. And, true to its name, it is about beavers who are also zombies, and they lay siege to a cabin full of hapless, idiot teens on a weekend… Read more ›

Having to do your background reading just to go and watch a movie sounds a whole lot like schoolwork, but thankfully when it comes to the world of comic books things ain’t so bad! With theaters set to play host… Read more ›

With Kanye West’s astute analysis of Apple’s business, his close friendship with Steve Wozniak, and his unabashed love for “Jony Ives” (sic), Tim Cook must count his lucky stars every day that he managed to scoop the role of Apple CEO out… Read more ›