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Get Swiftly Back To The Beginning Of App Store Search Results [iOS Tips]

When you searched for apps in the App Store in iOS 6, you got a bunch of cards that you could swipe through to find the specific app you were looking for. To get back to the beginning, you’d need…Read more ›

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Project Genesis: A New Tale Of The Beginning – International Film Premiere

Mac Project Genesis Film

Project Genesis: A New Tale Of The Beginning

What if the history books have it wrong? What if the tool is the master of its maker? Project Genesis, a short film about a world populated only by old Apple computers, has arrived. The computers have issues. And they have spoken:

We have always looked at our world with a single point of view: with resignation, limiting ourselves  [Read More…]

Is This The Beginning of The End for The MacBook Pro?

There is substantial talk this week of Apple possibly discontinuing the MacBook Pro later this spring as speculation about a new – and larger – 15-inch MacBook Air reaches a fever pitch. This week, a source close to Mac accessory production leaked information at the CU Exposed show. He maintains that Apple is poised to introduce its refreshed MacBook Air in April. The unnamed source went on to say only that the notebook wouldn’t differ  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Slowly Beginning to Let Go of the Reins at Apple

Steve Jobs has always been considered the heart and soul of Apple. Hes the man that has brought us Apples most successful products of the last decade, including the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Hes been the face of Apple for years, and hes seen as an industry innovator andpioneer. Since his third medical leave of absence inJanuaryof this year, Jobs has begun to slowly let go of the reins  [Read More…]

Is Adobe Beginning to Accept the Demise of Flash With New HTML5 Tool?

It seems Adobe is beginning to accept the slow demise of Flash with the release of a brand new tool for creating HTML5 animations and webpages. The first beta of Edge is available to download now from Adobes Lab website, but is a little limited in its current form.   Right now, Edge is a little basic, with limited support for animations only and just a single page layout. However, Adobe expects  [Read More…]

Police Beginning to Adopt iPhone-Based Facial Recognition Device

Police officers may soon be carrying a new identification tool called MORIS that contains an iPhone at the heart of the device. The Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System includes a retinal scanner and camera to scan suspects and aid in identifying criminals. The iPhone attaches to the device and with everything intact the system weights 12.5 ounces. The MORIS system will replace the current identification procedures which involve taking a picture of the suspect,  [Read More…]