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Reminder: Apple Begins Paying Out AAPL Stock Dividend Today At $2.65 Per Share

Apple investors have been issued a nice dividend.

Apple announced a $ 45 billion stock dividend and repurchase plan back in March, and the company starts paying its investors today, August 16th. $ 2.65 per share will be payed out for all owned shares of record as of Monday, August 13th.

Today marks the first dividend Apple has payed out since 1995. If you own Apple stock, you should see the payment deposited in  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Offering Mountain Lion Training And Certification Options For IT Pros

Following the launch of Mountain Lion, Apple has started rolling out Mountain Lion IT certifications.

Apple has launched its first Mountain Lion training guide and certification for IT professionals. The certification is the Mountain Lion edition of the Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration certification, which can be viewed as the introductory Mac IT certification.

Apple began offering the certification following last year’s launch of Lion. Unlike Apple’s other certification options, Apple  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Seeding iOS 6 Beta 3 to Developers

iOS 6 Beta 3 has been seeded to Apple’s developers today – an update that brings stability enhancements and bug fixes to the operating system. In beta, developers are expected by Apple to test out the new features of iOS 6 so that all bugs are worked out and also to test their applications so that they will be prepared for launch on the App Store when iOS 6 is officially released to the public.  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Asking Developers To Submit Their OS X Mountain Lion Apps

In an email sent out today, Apple has begun to push OS X developers to submit their Mountain Lion ready applications to the Mac App Store. This email follows the release today of the OS X Mountain Lion GM build to developers.   According to Apple: Make sure your apps take advantage of the great new features in OS X Mountain Lion when the world’s most advanced operating system ships to millions of customers  [Read More…]

Cricket Begins Selling iPhone 4S, Lines Form At The Door

We’ve already talked about how your next iPhone should be a prepaid one, right? Heck, we’ve even discussed why Cricket might be your next iPhone carrier. It sounds like some folks must have been listening. When Cricket started selling pre-paid iPhones as planned today, people lined up at the door before stores opened to get one of the newly available Apple handsets.   According to CNET, a Cricket representative said the  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Rejecting Apps That Access UDID, Sends Some Devs Scrambling

Way back in August of last year Apple notified developers that it would eventually stop allowing apps to access UDIDs (identification numbers unique to each iDevice). Now, Apple has started rejecting apps that access UDIDs and some developers are scrambling for a solution. According to Tech Crunch, under pressure from lawmakers and the media Apple is moving ahead of schedule in its deprecation of UDIDs. Under normal conditions it can take more than a year  [Read More…]

FLA Begins Inspection of Foxconn Facilities

If there’s one thing Apple doesn’t do with great frequency, it’s issue press releases. When Apple speaks in an official capacity, it usually means there’s a good reason for the communication. And today’s press release is clearly intended to convey how seriously the company takes allegations of worker abuses among its manufacturing partners. On Monday, Apple announced that the Fair Labor Association will conduct special voluntary audits of Apple’s final assembly suppliers, including Foxconn factories  [Read More…]

Apple Begins to Offer Education Model 13-inch MacBook Air

Shortly after discontinuing the white plastic MacBook once and for all, Apple seems to have replaced it with a MacBook Air designed specifically for educational sales. The 13-inch model MacBook Air costs the same $999 as the MacBook it replaces. Furthermore, it will only be sold to educational institutes and will be sold at the same price as the entry-level 11-inch MacBook Air sold to consumers. The 13-inch MacBook Air model will have the same  [Read More…]

“Steve Jobs Would Have Called This Insanity.” Ron Johnson’s Transformation Of JC Penney Begins

When’s the last time you went shopping at JC Penney versus the Apple Store? The venerable retailer, overshadowed by the cheap-chic of Target, is looking to reshape itself by putting the iPhone maker’s former retail chief in charge. Ron Johnson, a 10-year veteran of Apple’s retail effort, explained the retailer and Cupertino, Calif. tech giant share much in common. Johnson, who for ten years helped build Apple’s reputation as the  [Read More…]

iOS 5.0.1 Begins Showing Up In Cydia SHSH List

As you can see, iOS 5.0.1 has begun appearing in the Cydia SHSH list. Something that we had not expected today was for iOS 5.0.1 to start showing itself in the Cydia SHSH list. This is the first appearance of iOS 5 in Cydia’s SHSH list to date. It seems that Cydia has begun showing support for the new firmware and while it is still unconfirmed at this point in time – we might be  [Read More…]