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AT&T Begins Marketing iPhone 4S as 4G Smartphone

The evil phone company bewilders ignorant phone buyers once more. A while back we reported on AT&T trying to convince Apple to release a software update that would display a 4G indicator in the iPhone 4S’s status bar. AT&T wanted to do this because AT&T’s HSPA+ network is fast enough to be considered 4G, despite the compelling fact the iPhone 4S operates on a 3G radio. People who are blissfully unaware of the difference would then buy  [Read More…]

Apple Begins International Roll-Out of iTunes in the Cloud

Following its unveiling at WWDC back in June, users in the U.S. have been able to enjoy the iTunes in the Cloud beta, which allows them to re-download content purchased from the iTunes Store. Users in other parts of the world were left out, and we were led to believe that iTunes in the Cloud would be U.S.-only upon its launch. Today, however, Apple is rolling out the feature internationally.    [Read More…]

Apple Begins Shipping iPhone 4S

We’ve begun receiving word from readers that Apple has started shipping the iPhone 4S. Two screenshots provided to us by one reader come from UPS and Apple, respectively. From the looks of it, the device has been shipped by Apple and is out for delivery on October 14th. This tidbit comes on the heels of scant reports across Europe suggesting that the iPhone 4S has already arrived in some places.  [Read More…]

Sprint Finally Announces iPhone 4S & Begins iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

Following Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, Sprint has finally updated its website to notify customers that it will be carrying the iPhone. Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S begin on October 7, but pre-orders for the iPhone 4 on Sprint are now being taken. Having waited for the iPhone for so long, we assumed Sprint would announce the news on its site shortly after Apple’s ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event  [Read More…]

Apple Quietly Begins Selling 3G iPad2 in China

Although the news is of critical financial importance to Apple, this little nugget of tech news largely flew beneath the radar this week in mainstream media reports. Once again illustrating the importance of the Chinese mobile community to Apple, the Cupertino tech outfit has begun selling the iPad 3G in China. This particular model is believed to be headed for Apple’s new retail hot spots in Shanghai and Hong Kong, both of which open this  [Read More…]

T-Mobile Begins Taking iPhone 5 Reservations in Germany

Despite no sign of an announcement from Apple for several weeks, T-Mobile has already begun accepting iPhone 5 reservations in Germany, according to a report from the German newspaper Focus. The carrier has been providing customers with ‘tickets’ that will allow them to redeem the device as soon as it’s available on a first-come-first-served basis. T-Mobile, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, is only allowing existing customers to reserve the fifth-generation device by contacting customer services  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Training Retail Staff for iOS 5 & iCloud — Could Release Be Imminent?

In typical Apple fashion, the company is keeping the release date for iOS 5 and the accompanying iCloud service a big secret, but the launch of these products could be right around the corner. According to screenshots taken from its internal RetailMe application, Apple has now begun training retail store staff for the upcoming release of its new services. A source for 9to5 Mac has provided a number of screenshots from  [Read More…]

Construction Begins on Grand Central Station Apple Store

Apple has allegedly begun work on its upcoming retail store in Grand Central Station. The world-renowned terminal in New York City’s Manhattan area serves 700,000 commuters daily. According to MacRumors, Apple is expected to operate under a “very tight construction timetable” in order to get the new store ready for Black Friday. A reader submitted photos to MacRumors of construction work beginning in  [Read More…]

Canadian Carrier Begins iPhone 5 Employee Training, May Expect Next iPhone Within Weeks [Rumor]

Take this with a huge grain of salt, but one site is reporting that a new leaked memo says that Canadian wireless carrier Rogers is already making their employees undertake “iPhone Pre-Launch Training.” If history’s any guide, that could mean the iPhone 5 will be out within three weeks.

Lodsys Begins Filing Lawsuits Against iOS Developers

Nearly one month ago, a company named Lodsys emerged from out of the blue to begin threatening legal action against iOS developers regarding the issue of in-app purchasing. Lodsys said it was hellbent on not being denied any and all royalties that are rightfully due to them. “Lodsys’ patent portfolio is being used as part of an overall solution and we are seeking to be paid for the use of patent rights by the accountable  [Read More…]