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Change the Green Button Maximize Behavior in OS X Yosemite with BetterTouchTool

The Green Button in OS X window bars used to maximize windows to fit the Mac screen, but since OS X Yosemite the Green Button now sends windows or apps into full screen mode by default. This can be modified one-off by Option+Clicking the maximize button, but a better solution for some users is to … Read More

Disable Raise to Listen for Audio Messages in iOS to Prevent Weird Voice Text Behavior

Raise To Listen is a handy feature in modern versions of iOS that allow you to literally raise your iPhone to listen to a received audio message and to respond by sending a new voice text. But the feature is not entirely reliable for all users (particularly those who use an iPhone case, more on … Read More

Easily Monitor The Behavior And Health Of Your Mac With xScan [Deals]

CoM - xscanYour Mac is a finely tuned, intricate machine. Just like a car, every aspect of your Mac plays a crucial role in your computer’s overall performance. But you need to have something that will help you get your Mac running at optimum levels. That’s where this offer from Cult of Mac Deals comes in. xScan […]

The post Easily Monitor The Behavior And Health Of Your Mac With xScan  [Read More…]

Lawsuit Forces Apple To Change The Behavior Of VPN On Demand On iOS


Apple has been forced to change the way in which its VPN On Demand feature works on iOS devices following a patent lawsuit it lost last November. The Cupertino company has published a new knowledge base article to explain to users how the change will affect their devices.

The article reads:

Due to a lawsuit by VirnetX, Apple will be changing the behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS devices using  [Read More…]

Change Mail Apps Mark As Read Behavior in Mac OS X

Mail apps Mark as Read behavior Have you ever noticed that Mail app registers a message as read after it has been clicked? The automatic mark as read feature makes it easy to quickly skim through a bunch of emails, but Mail doesnt offer much control over the the delay for when messages are marked read. Thats where TruePreview comes in, its a free Mail plugin that gives you control over  [Read More…]

Change All My Files Grouping & Sorting Behavior in OS X Lion

Sort All My Files in OS X Lion All My Files is the all-inclusive folder in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion that includes, well, all of your files. Its basically a smart folder that lists every user owned or created file, and by default its sorted by the files kind: Images, PDFs, Documents, Music, Movies, Developer, and so on. Youre not limited to sorting by filetype kind though, and by using  [Read More…]