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All your base does not belong to upcoming tower defense game Alien Creeps HD

Listen up, soldier! The aliens are headed our way and it’s up to you to keep them out of our base. You’ll have access to a variety of offensive towers that you can upgrade along the way, as well as…Read more ›

All your remotes are belong to us! Hands-on with the Blumoo A/V controller

In the race to bestow absolute control over your home entertainment paraphernalia, the Blumoo device is a sort of a jack-of-all-trades standout. Similar to the now-discontinued Griffin Beacon, Blumoo lets you control all your devices that normally work with a…Read more ›

Google: All Your Starbucks WiFi Are Belong To Us

img_0687Starbucks has always been a last-ditch sanctuary for the connected in a largely-still-wireless world, but the free WiFi you can get there is often bloated with dozens of slackers, choking up the pipe with inappropriate Netflix streaming and large downloads. But WiFi at Starbucks is about to get orders of magnitude better. Google has just […]

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Keep Your Jailbreak And iOS Settings Separate, Where They Belong [Jailbreak]


If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, it can be a little bit confusing to manage the settings of your various tweaks. Sometimes they are in an app, sometimes they are in ‘Settings’ and even when they are where you expect them to be, they can often be buried.

PreferenceOrganizer is a new Cydia tweak that keeps your default iOS settings and jailbreak settings separate, like you’d expect them to be. Unfortunately,  [Read More…]

Does Siri Belong In Business? [Feature]

Does Siri belong in the workplace? If so, is it worth potential security and privacy issues?

The news that IBM bans Siri for every employee that has an iPhone 4S and participates the company’s BYOD program unleashed a lot of discussion about whether the company was being paranoid or prudent. One of the bigger questions to come out of all that discussion was a reframing of the issue itself –  [Read More…]