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Bendgate, explained! It’s Skinny jeans vs. iPhone 6 on our newest CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Bendgate! Some say it’s Antennagate 2.0, but is there a legitimate issue happening here? We’ll tell you what we think about these “bent” iPhones… Then, we’ve used it for a whole week—catch our updated impressions…Read more ›

Apple execs sold $143m worth of stock ahead of ‘bendgate’

Five top Apple execs — including Tim Cook and Phil Schiller — unloaded $ 143 million AAPL shares ahead of ‘bendgate‘, according to a new report from Barron’s. Cook sold 348,425 Apple shares for $ 35,250,297, while Phil Schiller dropped 348,846 shares for $ 35,256,000.…Read more ›

BendGate: iPhone 6 ‘malleability’ problem is the Internet’s joke du jour

“Will it bend” has become the hottest question in tech this week as a few iPhone 6 owners have discovered that the laws of physics still apply to the aluminum frame of the iPhone 6… even when neglected in a back pocket.…Read more ›