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The only way to benefit from the digital age is to study it [Deals]

These days, being an entrepreneur means being a master of the digital marketplace. Savvy use of social media, search engine optimization, and developing effective work habits make the difference between thriving or floundering. This bundle of seven courses covers those and a host of other essential topics to doing business in the digital age, and […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Pros and developers alike can benefit from these extended Cyber Monday deals [Deals]

With all the hubbub around the post-Thanksgiving shopping, it’s nice when there’s a huge discount on something that is actually useful. These courses on project management and game design normally go for thousands of dollars, but right now they’re going for less than $ 50. It’s all part of a massive clearing out of eLearning bundles […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Future EarPods could benefit from bone-conduction noise cancellation

Apple’s EarPods could be about to get much smarter, thanks to a newly-published patent application which describes how a wireless headset could use sensors to determine which sound data to pass along to a listener. Check out the details below. The technology would be used predominantly for microphone-enabled headsets, allowing users to make calls in […][Read More…]

OneNote update shows why iPad would benefit from a stylus

Anyone wanting to see what productivity tools would look like on an iPad with stylus need look no further than Microsoft’s updated OneNote iOS app. Having just updated its OneNote app for Mac, the iPad app adds OCR scanning of…Read more ›

Uber offers lunch on demand to benefit No Hungry Kids

Uber has been no stranger to delivering odd things like kittens and ice cream, but on Thursday, December 11th the ride-sharing app is teaming up with local restaurants to offer lunch on-demand to users, with the benefits going to support…Read more ›

Five Great Ways To Use Accessibility Features For Your Own Benefit, Even If You Don’t Have A Disability [Feature]


Accessibility is a priority to the designers and engineers at Apple. They have built some amazing software right into each operating system, from OS X to iOS, all for no etra charge and no need to add extra programs on to be able to use the products if you have a visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disability.

But if you don’t have a disability (yet–we’re all just a lucky step or  [Read More…]