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Real-world tests show benefits of iPhone 6s with the ‘good’ chip

iPhone 6s units with a TSMC A9 processor score two hours’ better battery life over those with Samsung chips in GeekBench test scores, but real-world gains of the “good” chip might be much less significant. Several YouTubers have put the iPhone 6s TSMC and Samsung A9 chips to the test in real-world scenarios to get […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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This app lets you reap all the benefits of journaling without the hassle [Deal]

How many of us have said “I really should start a journal,” only to find that even the simple task of sitting and writing for a few minutes is too hard to fit into our daily schedule? With Penzu, there aren’t…Read more ›

Apple rolls out cushy new benefits to its 98,000 employees

Apple announced its adding some extra benefits for all employees this year, and while everyone isn’t getting a free Apple Watch, the company has decided to lengthen parental leave, reimburse your college education, and match how much time you spend…Read more ›

Analyst: The Benefits of Suing Everyone Could Be Huge $30B Per Year Win For Apple

Dont expect another Nokia-like settlement in Apples current legal wrangles with HTC and Samsung. The Cupertino, Calif. tech giant could convert courtroom victories to market gains over Android worth more than $ 30 billion a year, argues one analyst.   We anticipate that Apple will push its legal claims hard and unrelentingly, writes Bernsteins Toni Sacconaghi, cited by Fortune. Apples main goal: to upend Androids momentum by forcing a work around on key  [Read More…]