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Better Than Angry Birds: Siege Hero [Review]

Siege Hero for iOS

If Angry Birds opened your eyes to the joys of knocking things down, but you�ve since got bored with all that clucking and those pigs snorting at you, perhaps it�s time you looked for an alternative. In which case, allow me to recommend Siege Hero.


I�ve been playing this game for weeks, and I think it�s better than Angry Birds.

In Siege Hero, you  [Read More…]

UnFolder – Better iDevice Folder Management

Filippo Bigarella�(@FilippoBiga, creator of�SlideAway and other popular Cydia applications, is planning on releasing a new tweak very soon. Known as Unfolder, it adds better folder management to your iDevice. Currently in iOS, when you want to get rid of a folder, you have to move each application out one at a time. This is cumbersome and can be a pain especially if you have applications such as Infinifolders that increases the folder size capacity.�With Unfolder, you’re  [Read More…]

Lion Will Support TRIM Offering Better Solid State Drive Performance

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Lion is really shaping up to be a major upgrade to the Mac operating system. A new tidbit of information has been discovered that points to Lion having TRIM support for solid-state drives. This is good news for people who use SSD?s, as performance of this type of drive can start to degrade over time. When TRIM support is fully integrated into Lion, the speed and performance  [Read More…]