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Zwift wheels its virtual bicycle racing platform into open beta

Zwift, which calls itself an “online fitness entertainment gaming platform,” has finally opened up its virtual roads for anyone with a bicycle on a trainer to ride. The virtual bicycle racing platform lets riders hook their two-wheelers up to their…Read more ›

The virtual bicycle race is on

New bicycling game Zwift cruises along at the crossroads where video game nerds, bike fanatics and the land of the long winter come together. Launched in beta today, Zwift lets you compete with friends in a massively multiplayer cycling game…Read more ›

BloomThat App Delivers Flowers Almost Instantly By Bicycle

  BloomThat is a unique flower delivery service that harnesses the power of the bicycle to deliver a bouquet of flowers “in under 90 minutes” — pretty fast. But before you read on, there’s one big catch to using the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Get Yourself Up A Hill Faster With This Electric Bicycle [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS — We spent a few minutes with Larry Pizzi of Currie Tech to talk about the company’s eflow bicycles. These bad boys are powered by the same battery technology that’s in your MacBook Pro, and they provide a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Waterproof BikeConsole Smart Bicycle Mount Now Available For The iPhone 5s

  Bike2Power has just added an iPhone 5s version to their line of ruggedized, weather-sealed BikeConsole Smart Mounts for bicycles. The lineup already has a version for the 5 and 5c, but the new 5s model allows access to the Touch…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Xspin Bluetooth Sensor Is Like GPS Tracking For Indoor Bicycle And Elliptical Rides [First Look]

  Now that winter has hit the country, cycling has moved indoors for much of the U.S. That means straddling a stationary bike or throwing your trusty road or mountain bike up on a stand (or if you’re really brave,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Skobbler’s ForeverMap 2, Fully-Featured Offline Navigation App With Bicycle Routing [Daily Freebie]

skobbler-2  ForeverMap 2 is one of those great apps that should be a no-brainer download for any even moderately frequent map user. Unlike either the standard iOS Maps app or the Google Maps app, ForeverMap 2 can download and store custom maps on your device — allowing you to use the map and accompanying navigation […]

The post Skobbler’s ForeverMap 2, Fully-Featured Offline Navigation App With Bicycle Routing [Daily Freebie] appeared  [Read More…]

Apple Bicycle Photographed At Cupertino HQ, Looks Like Regular Bicycle


As an Apple employee, you can take a private, roomy bus with onboard WiFi along a secret route to get to work in sunny Cupertino, California. But why not just take a bike and get some exercise?

Apple has given its corporate employees the option to use a company-issued bicycle since 2011, and now thousands of workers use them to get to and from Apple HQ. Wired snapped the above picture  [Read More…]

FoxL V2, The First Speaker I Might Seriously Consider Attaching to my Bicycle

Lets face it cycling is geeky enough with Lycra, weird cycling shoes and helmets so dorky they look like they were designed by population-control advocates it doesnt need the added panache of a Bluetooth speaker bungied to the handlebars. An since riding around sans-music is simply unacceptable, Im stuck with sticking earbuds or canalphones in my ears which can be dangerous and illegal. But check out this  [Read More…]