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BitLock, Keyless Entry For Your Bike

Lost your keys? Sure you have, you absent-minded fellow you. And you iPhone? No frickin; way, right? What you clearly need is a way to replace your keys with your iPhone. That’s already been done for the home, and now…

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You should really stop reading here and check out the video of the FlyKly Smart Wheel, which is utterly hilarious. In i you’ll see an urban-warrior type taking his bike up into his beautifully-designed apartment and swapping out his back…

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PROTKTWahoo, known for making sports-tracking accessories that hook up to your iPhone and turn it into a bike/running/fitness computer, has finally made a bike mount for your trusty outboard brain. It’s called the PROTKT, and it puts your iPhone up on your handlebars whilst making sure it stays safe. The PROTKT comes in two main [...]

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Handleband, The Nicest-To-Say iPhone Bike Mount Ever

This is the Handleband. It’s a band for your handlebars, but it’s also a great word to roll around your mouth – handleband… handleband – rattling it through your teeth and wrapping it around your tongue. Haaaandlebaaaand. The Handleband is pretty awesome. It’s a silcone strap with a stiff platform and a metal clasp, and [...]

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Atom Bike Generator Powers Your iPhone

One of my bikes has a bottle dynamo that presses on the tire and powers the front lamp. The Siva Cycle Atom is a modern-day equivalent, only it won’t rub away your tire or slow you down, and it’ll charge your gadgets instead of just running your lights.

The Atom, another Kickstarter project, attaches to the axle of your rear wheel and turns the wheel;s movement into electricity. It outputs a standard,  [Read More...]

More bike lanes and parking here.

More bike lanes and parking here.

Apple submitted a new proposal, dubbed Submittal 6, for it’s super futuristic circular spaceship campus in Cupertino. The revision includes new details like bike and pedestrian paths, enhancements to street areas, and parking spaces for the huge project, which is behind schedule and $ 2 billion over budget. The current move-in estimate is in the summer of 2016, a date  [Read More...]

Cyclemeter RFLKT JPG

Good news for those of you who were unfortunate enough to have dropped $ 130 on the Wahoo RFLKT (ROFL!) Bluetooth 4 iPhone HUD for your bike. One of the best iPhone cycling apps – Cyclemeter – has just been updated to support your fragile dongle. There’s bad new, too: You’ll have to drop another $ 3 on an in-app purchase to enable the new feature. Insult, meet injury.

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BikeSpike, a GPS Security Tracker For Your Bike

The Bikespike is a GPS-enabled cellular device which lets you track your bike. And while you can use it as an iPhone-connected bike computer, complete with speed, calorie and location stats, its main purpose is as a security device.

Clamp the Bikespike to your bike and you can do one of several things. You can set up a geofence which will send an alarm to your iPhone if it’s moved out of your  [Read More...]


The Cog Pannier.

If it isn’t already obvious: I’m a huge bike nut. I’ve sold bikes, fixed them, raced on them and even slept on one once (hey, cycling is tiring). So I get pretty excited when fellow bike nuts make something ingenious that’ll let my bike haul my Apple gear. Case in point: Timbuk2′s new Basket Case duffel and their Cog Pannier.

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The RFLKT is way more practical than the iPhone on your handlebars

RFLKT by Wahoo Category: Sports/Fitness Works With: iPhone 4S+5, iPad 3,4, mini Price: $ 130

The promise of the Wahoo RFLKT is of a tiny, ultralight box with an LCD readout which displays information from an iPhone cycling app on the handlebars of your bike. You get the advantage of using your favorite tracking app, and also of having an easy  [Read More...]