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Even Bill Gates thinks Apple Pay is ‘fantastic’

In the timeless game of hating on Apple, Bill Gates is an O.G. When his kids ask for iPads and MacBooks, he shoves a Microsoft Surface in their stockings. But when it comes to Apple Pay, even the former CEO of Microsoft thinks his old… Read more ›

Less than an hour ago, Microsoft founder and super rich guy Bill Gates took the ice bucket challenge, which has various famous folks dumping cold water over their heads to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). While Tim Cook… Read more ›

You should be able to easily switch carriers in the U.S. once you fulfill your two-year contract, but most of the time it’s easier said than done. A new bill being reviewed in Washington plans to let you unlock your phone to… Read more ›

Four Democratic senators have proposed a federal law that would require all smartphone manufacturers to include a mandatory “kill switch” for their devices in the event that they are stolen. The bill would give users the ability to remote wipe… Read more ›     

    Last night Bill Gates jumped onstage at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about how he’s curing the world of polio as well as the next big tech ideas – weirdly there was no mention of an… Read more ›     

Billy: The Bill Samurai — Utilities — Free So you go out to dinner with a bunch of your friends, and when the bill arrives, you decide to save time and just pay the whole thing yourself. But you’re a… Read more ›     

Apple Objects To “Unprecedented” Legal Bill

When you’re among the world’s most sued companies, we imagine that you get used to some pretty hefty legal fees from keeping lawyers on retainer. Even Apple has kicked up a fuss, however, when its court-appointed “monitor” — given the… Read more ›     

ebookcharges  Apple was found guilty of e-book price fixing by federal judge Denise Cote earlier this month, and it looks like the total bill for colluding with book publishers for the launch of the iBookstore will be pretty steep. The five publishers in the case – Hachette, Penguin, Random House, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster – […]

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child-on-ipadApple has refunded Briton Lee Neale £4,000 ($6,131) after his 8-year-old daughter Lily spent the cash on virtual items in her favorite iPad game. Lily knew the password for her father’s iTunes account, but no one expected her to use it to rack up a huge bill on in-app purchases. Lee, an aerospace engineer, knew nothing […]

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Are you a parent who nearly lost his or her mind and committed an act of infanticide when you discovered that your happy little sprog, in the space of five minutes playing unsupervised with your iPhone, somehow amassed an iTunes bill of over $ 1,000 in frickin’ Smurfberries? Well, Apple’s ready to help you, but even if you were only burnt for less than $ 30 because of the way in-app purchases  [Read More…]