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Colorful Apple TV billboard ads are pleasingly old school

If any more proof was needed that Apple TV is no longer being considered a “hobby,” check out the massive new billboard ad campaign that has been rolling out for the new fourth-generation Apple TV refresh. Cleverly playing on a color bars motif which references both the old school Apple logo (with colors fastidiously picked […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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What Cielo D. ‘Shot on iPhone 6′ became a billboard and a symbol of hope

There was a divorce, financial setback and hurt when the father she finally met had little interest in building a relationship. Cielo de la Paz needed just one small sign to remind her happier days lie ahead.   She would…Read more ›

Apple unveils Beats 1 Times Square billboard

Apple Music is gearing up to take on Spotify and Pandora in less than seven days, and to get the word out, Apple has taken over New York City’s Time Square with a massive billboard promoting Beats 1 Radio. Taylor…Read more ›

Cheeky much? Google places billboard ad right next to Apple Store

Thermonuclear war may be over between Google and Apple, but that doesn’t mean that the two aren’t willing to score points against one another. A few months after Tim Cook critiqued Google’s entire business model during his interview with Charlie…Read more ›

Times Square’s new billboard is as long as a football field, and Google’s its first customer

New York’s Times Square is about to get one of the world’s largest advertising video screen billboards — and Google is its debut customer. The screen is an epic eight stories high, runs an entire block, and is made up…Read more ›

This bent iPhone 6 billboard is unintentionally hilarious

Apple’s marketing machine has tried to straighten out the Bendghazi controversy that invaded the web last week, but someone might want to alert their billboard company in Berlin that the iPhone 6’s bendiness isn’t supposed to be a selling point.…Read more ›

Times Square Billboard Crashes To Desktop… On A Mac [Image]

It used to be that the fancy computerized billboards that blare on constantly in New York City’s Time Square were a frequent victim to the fabled Blue Screen of Death pretty regularly, but that was years ago.

These days? They apparently all run on a Mac, as snapped by Instagram user and MTV Geek contributor Alexander Zalben.

Source: Instagram

Interactive Billboard Lets Swedish iPhone Users Win Food

  There is nothing better than winning. Well, maybe winning again. And again. And if you did that in Stockholm Sweden you would enter cardiac arrest. Only you and Charlie Sheen could then proclaim that you accomplished so much “Win” that you ultimately lost. You see, in Stockholm there is an interactive billboard iPhone users, and I imagine other smartphone users, can access via Picknplay.se. Once on the page, those roaming around nearby engage in  [Read More…]