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Mine bitcoins on your iPhone in Bitcoin Billionaire

One of my favorite games for the iPhone is Game Dev Story, an adorable and addictive game by Kairosoft that puts the player in the role of managing a team of video game developers. Something about Noodlecake Games’s upcoming title,…Read more ›

‘The first billionaire in hip hop’: A drunk Dr. Dre seemingly confirms Apple’s Beats buyout

News of Apple’s pending Beats acquisition has left the vast majority of us scratching our heads, but if you thought this was just another spurious claim from anonymous supply chain blabbermouths, you can think again. Not only did the story come from…Read more ›

This LSD Love Guru Turned Gold Mining Billionaire Gave Steve Jobs His Reality Distortion Field

Steve Jobs was a man who adopted many mentors in his life, but one of his mentors deserves more than a passing look: Robert Friedland, a charismatic, free love wacko who dealt LSD and had his own free love commune on the same apple orchard that inspired Steve for the name of his company. It was also where Steve allegedly got his reality distortion field from.   Steve Jobs met  [Read More…]