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Steve Jobs Biography Release Due October 24, Skyrockets to Top of Best Seller Lists

Steve Jobs Biography The official biography of Steve Jobs will be released on October 24, moved nearly a month ahead of the publishers originally scheduled November 21 launch. Since the passing of Steve, the book has shot to the top of best sellers list, despite only being  [Read More…]

Pre-Orders for Upcoming Steve Jobs Biography Soar by 41,800%

As we continue to mourn the tragic loss of one of the world’s most prolific geniuses today, fans of Steve Jobs continue to turn to social networking sites to pay their respects, and some are even leaving notes on their local Apple store. Others are flocking to pre-order Steve’s biography, written by Walter Isaacson, which has seen orders soar a staggering 41,800% since Apple announced the news yesterday. Entitled simply Steve  [Read More…]

Following His Death, Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Is Coming Out In Just Three Weeks

Following this morning’s new that the authorized biography of Steve Jobs had rocketed up the Amazon book charts, its publishers, Simon & Schuster, have announced that the title’s release date has been brought forward to October 24. Simply titled Steve Jobs, the book is written by Walter Isaacson, and was originally scheduled to ship on November 21. Just this morning we reported that the pre-orders for the book through Amazon had soared by  [Read More…]

Resignation Details Expected in Forthcoming Steve Jobs Biography

Steve Jobs may have just resigned as Apple CEO yesterday, but details surrounding the resignation will be included in November’s long-awaited release of the Mac pioneer’s authorized biography. Although the title is speeding for book stores and e-readers as soon as November 21st, the book is now being updated to present details on the resignation bombshell dropped Wednesday. “Publisher Simon & Schuster said the highly anticipated tell-all biography, written by acclaimed biographer Walter Isaacson, will  [Read More…]

This Is The Cover Of The Official Steve Jobs Biography, To Be Released On 11/21/11

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ official biography by Walter Isaacson has just had its release date bumped to November 21st, 2011 from the original date of March 6th, 2012. It also has a new cover and a new title!   The new title is Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, and the cover is as austere and attractive as an iPod advertisement. The bio is 448 pages long and is based on  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Biography Gets a New, Less ‘Cute’ Title

Earlier this year, the world learned that Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally capitulated and agreed to participate in a new – and, yes, authorized – book about his professional life and storied career in the tech space. With publisher Simon & Schuster backing the project and writer Walter Isaacson attached, big hopes quickly surfaced that the book would become a bestseller. And in Amazon pre-orders, it already has. But there will be one small change  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Gets Comic Book Biography

Steve Jobs will be immortalized in a 32-page comic book to be published in August. My only question: What is his super power? The book, which will cost $3.99, will portray Jobs career in drawings “from his birth to modern day.” I can only imagine how tasteful the birthing panel will be… The book will be written by C.W. Cooke and drawn by Chris Schmidt, the same guys who did the Zuckerberg biography comic. Interestingly  [Read More…]

iSteve: The Book of Jobs – Official Biography on Steve Jobs Life Coming in Early 2012

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has finally given a thumbs up to an official biography book, that is currently being written by author Walter Isaacson about Steve Jobs life.


The book, which will be published by Simon & Schuster, is titled as iSteve: The Book of Jobs, and is due  [Read More…]