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Intel wants to replace all your passwords with Touch ID-style biometrics

Touch ID might have just made it to iPads, but Intel wants to go one step further: bringing enhanced biometric passwords to PCs, which it plans to do before the end of the year. “Your biometrics basically eliminate the need for you to…Read more ›

This Week in Cult Of Mac Magazine: The Future of Biometrics

cover-003-biometrics-q09The new fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s brings with it a touch of the future: one where we won’t keep losing or forgetting our passwords. If we can get the sensors to work right, that is. In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine, reporter Sarah Stirland talks to a host of experts who give […]

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Biometrics Pioneer Gives Thumbs Up to iPhone Fingerprint Scanner

UPEK's fingerprint readers were built into laptops like this IBM Thinkpad.Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner has been welcomed as a “major step forward” by Biometrics expert Philip Smith, whose company pioneered the technology a decade ago. “It’s a huge milestone in bringing fingerprint-based biometrics to the mainstream,” he said. “I’m thrilled to see this.” Of course a biometrics would welcome an advance like this. But […]

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Analyst: Don’t Plan To See An iWatch Until Later In 2014, But It Will Probably Use Biometrics

Not a real product, yet.

Not a real product, yet.

Hoping to see an Apple-branded smart watch this June at WWDC? How about next March at MacWorld/iWorld?

Don’t hold your breath, says Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst.

Kuo tells investors that Apple might not have enough resources to make an iOS compatible with such a new form factor, especially given Apple’s probable current iOS 7 efforts.

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