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Remembering Macworld, a young Steve Jobs and the birth of the Macintosh

The closing of Macworld is the end of an era. Thirty years ago, the publication was the midwife to the launch of the Macintosh. Cult of Mac has a series of exclusive recollections by the magazine’s founder Dave Bunnell, which…Read more ›

Huge Security Hole Allows Anyone To Reset Your Apple Password With Only Email Address And Date Of Birth

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 2.59.15 PM

Apple just made iCloud a lot more secure yesterday by rolling out a two-step authentication process that should keep hijackers at bay. However, a huge security hole was just found that allows hijackers to reset Apple ID passwords with only an email address and your date of birth.

The new exploit affects all customers who have not yet enabled the new two-step authentication feature. To make  [Read More…]