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Vintage-computer fest celebrates 40 years since our first bite of Apple

Phil Schiller says Apple is too busy “inventing the future” to “celebrate the past” by building a museum. So if you are in search of history on the 40th anniversary of Apple’s founding, you might want to travel to Georgia. There, a guy named Lonnie Mimms has taken over an old CompUSA building and meticulously […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Oreo’s new cookie takes a bite out of Apple’s playbook

Every summer Oreo comes out with a crazy new limited edition cookie to get you to stuff your face with more delicious cream filling. This year’s no different except instead of using watermelon, birthday cake, or lemon creme filling to…Read more ›

YouTube Gaming aims to take a bite out of Twitch’s streaming game

Gamers aren’t turning to magazines — or even websites — as much as they used to. These days, you’re more likely to find them on YouTube or Twitch to watch Let’s Play videos, Minecraft machinima, or streaming League of Legends…Read more ›

Apple would take a bite out of GoPro with this action cam concept

    It’s no secret that Apple has given some thought to wearable cameras. The company already has a patent that would crush GoPro if it ever decided to make sports cameras, but there’s not enough money in the market for Apple…Read more ›

iOS 8 takes a bite out of KitKat for mobile supremacy

With all the new features coming to iOS 8 this fall, many Android users have commented that Apple’s upcoming update acts a lot like KitKat. In today’s video, see some of the new features of iOS 8 go head-to-head with…Read more ›

Facebook May Take a Bite Out of Apple with New Streaming Content Push

Click the image to open in full size.  Facebook is joining the ranks of major streaming content providers by beginning to offer online movie rentals. Warner Bros. has already been announced as Facebook?s first official partner in the effort, making The Dark Knight available through the movie?s official Facebook page. ?Every digital heavyweight is making a play for your living room,” writes Peter Kafka of All Things Digital. He adds that Facebook clearly has designs  [Read More…]