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iMessage bug bites Apple with lawsuit over lost texts on Android

A former iPhone owner is suing Apple in San Jose court over Apple’s Message app not delivering texts to Android phones. The issue has plagued iMessage since its inception, but it is just recently starting to get attention. Yesterday, the former editor-in-chief of Lifehacker detailed…Read more ›

Another One Bites the Dust: Intel Halts Development of Meego OS [Report]

With the news that HP is seriouslyreevaluatingthe longevity of the webOS platform, it looks like another mobile OS has fallen by the wayside. After beinglargelyabandoned by Nokia for Microsofts Windows Phone OS, Intel has announced a temporary halt on development of Meego. The company will reportedly focus on hardwaredevelopmentfor either the Windows Phone OS or Android. DigiTimes reports that Meegodevelopmenthad been halted due to a lack of enthusiasm for the platform  [Read More…]

Walmarts iTunes Killer Music Downloads Bites the Dust

Walmart’s Updated MP3 Downloads

Eight years after retail giant Walmart announced its iTunes-killer 88-cent MP3 downloads, the company is waving the white flag and closing shop later this month. In a letter to Walmart distributors, Walmart wrote Tuesday its Music Downloads Store at mp3.walmart.com will close Aug. 28. MP3 file downloads will be disabled. The closure leaves iTunes in an even stronger position in digital music sales with Amazon a distant  [Read More…]