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Popcorn Time, the Netflix for Bittorrent, is coming to iOS “within a couple days”

I’m a huge fan of Popcorn Time, the Mac App that lets you stream torrents to your Mac and even (if you’re a Windows user) to your Apple TV. The one thing Popcorn Time doesn’t have is an iPhone or…Read more ›

Apple’s “innate fear of BitTorrent” is reason for no torrenting apps, says rejected dev

Apple has a long history of keeping BitTorrent apps out of the App Store. If you search for “BitTorrent” in the App Store now, only two results show up. Neither of them allow you to actually download torrents. That’s why it…Read more ›

Here’s how to BitTorrent movies on your Apple TV

Popcorn Time is a fantastic — albeit questionably legal — Mac app that allows you to treat BitTorrent like Netflix, searching for movies and TV shows on sites like The Pirate Bay that you want to watch and then streaming…Read more ›

Popcorn Time, The Netflix For BitTorrent, Has Shut Down

Last week we told you about Popcorn Time, a new desktop app that was essentially like Netflix for streaming movies over BitTorrent. We were one of the first sites to pick up the app, and since then it has been…Read more ›    [Read More…]

BitTorrent Sync Update Adds Passcode Feature

BitTorrent Sync has received an end -of-2013 update — adding an often requested feature and several important fixes. One of the best Dropbox alternatives around, BitTorrent Sync allows you to easily keep folders synced between multiple Macs — without storing…Read more ›    [Read More…]

BitTorrent Sync Goes Universal, Gets iOS 7 Treatment & More

BitTorrent Sync is one of the best Dropbox alternatives out there. Drawing upon the power of BitTorrent, BitTorrent Sync allows you to keep folders synced between multiple Macs easily, but without storing them in the cloud or having to pay…Read more ›

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BitTorrent Launches Dropbox-Like File Syncing App For iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 5.18.35 PMWhen you see the word “BitTorrent” you probably think of pirating something like Game of Thrones. That’s not what a new app called BitTorrent Sync is about. Think of it like Dropbox without any storage caps or pricing tiers for data usage. Unlike other file sync and storage solutions, BitTorrent Sync uses peer-to-peer file distribution to […]

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Even BitTorrent Sites Are Serving iPad-Friendly TV Shows

The excellent iFlicks doing its job

If you live outside the U.S and UK, youll find that the easiest and quickest way to get your favorite TV shows onto your iPad is via BitTorrent. But until now, you had to do some heavy post-download processing to make the XVID files play on your iPad, or at least use third-party software to play it. Now, many BitTorrent groups have switched to  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Bio Is Also a Hit On BitTorrent

Walter Isaacsons warts-n-genius biography of Steve Jobs is a publishing sensation over 380,000 copies sold in the U.S. alone in the six days since its October 24 launch. Not surprisingly, pirated versions of the ebook are also a hit. An Italian Cult of Mac reader dropped me a line to say that he and a bunch of other Apple aficionados there have downloaded the ebook in PDF and audiobook  [Read More…]