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‘How did they do that?’ New book reveals BlackBerry’s response to original iPhone

Living in a world where the iPhone dominates, and rivals don’t so much compete by doing things differently but by offering cut-rate versions of the same core technology, it can be easy to forget how much of a disruption Apple’s…Read more ›

Apple’s CarPlay Works Closely With Blackberry’s QNX Platform

Apple designed CarPlay ”from the ground up” to be the future of car dashboard systems. And while technology is still based on iOS, how it communicates with the car is another matter. CarPlay utilizes QNX, the leading platform in the growing “infotainment…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Rubs Salt Into BlackBerry’s Wounds By Poaching Its Employees

Thanks to the iPhone, it seems there’s little hope left for BlackBerry these days. Apple has stolen most of its market share, and now it’s stealing its employees, too. The Cupertino company has reportedly been contacting BlackBerry staff via LinkedIn and inviting them to recruitment events in Cambridge, Ontario. Just a few years ago, everything was looking […]

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BlackBerry’s CEO Thinks Tablets Will Be Dead In Five Years

Say what?

Say what?

BlackBerry has been going through a bit of a rough patch the last few years. The iPhone and Android stole the smartphone market from beneath their feet, and its recent product launches have been incredibly underwhelming.

Things are looking bad for BlackBerry, but it’s totally not going to let these last few years of mediocrity get to it though. In fact, BlackBerry’s CEO thinks his company just needs to  [Read More…]