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Spotlight Search Results Blank, or Spotlight Not Working in iOS 8? Here’s a Really Silly Temporary Fix

Spotlight gained many new features and improvements with the latest version of iOS, but along with those changes came a curious bug that seems to randomly prevent Spotlight from working at all on an iPhone or iPad with empty search results. The situation is difficult to reliably reproduce since it does appear to be completely … Read More

See a Blank Red Dot on the Phone Icon? It’s Your iPhone Voicemail, Here’s the Fix

If you’ve recently made a change to your iPhone service or SIM card, you may notice a mysterious red blank dot on the “Phone” app of the iPhone home screen. Typically that little blank red dot means you have voicemail, but the iPhone can’t retrieve it, and it usually occurs in one of the following … Read More

Go Minimalist with an App-Free Blank Home Screen in iOS

The iPhone Home Screen has room for 20 app icons on the front page and four Dock icons across the bottom, with even more app spots available for the iPad. If that seems like 20 icons too many for you, using a little trick lets users create a completely blank home screen page in iOS, … Read More

Set a Blank Folder Name in iOS

Blank folder name in iOS

Can’t think of a name for an iOS folder? Or maybe you prefer minimalism and would rather have a folder without any name at all? Why not set a blank folder name! You can’t do this normally, and you may have discovered that typing a bunch of spaces doesn’t set a blank name either, but thanks to a peculiar quirk that comes along with the Starbucks  [Read More…]